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Thomas Shannon
(Abt 1824-1906)
Mary Willis
(Abt 1819-1897)
James Hegarty
(Abt 1851-1898)
Minnie W. Shannon

James Herbert Hegarty


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1. Lillian Mette

2. Bertha Berg

James Herbert Hegarty 335

  • Born: 4 Nov 1877, New York, , NY, USA 11,38,150,337,338
  • Marriage (1): Lillian Mette on 3 Dec 1900 in St. Joseph, Berrien County, Michigan 27,335,336
  • Marriage (2): Bertha Berg
  • Died: 28 Jan 1929, Chicago, Cook , IL, USA at age 51 40,335
  • Buried: 31 Jan 1929, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Chicago, Cook County, IL 1,38

bullet  General Notes:

Belle Radcliffe's grandfather. Buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery, Chicago.

From a conversation with James Harold Hegarty around 1985 -- James Harold Hegarty (Grandpa) knew very little about his father. He said he had one paper dated from the turn of the century introducing him. [That paper may be what is written under this man's father's entry.] Was the introduction because he was an orphan? Grandpa didn't know. He remembered there was some connection to Rochester, NY. James Herbert got a job at a general store in Chicago [Lawler's Grocery] where he met his future wife. He drove a two-horse team for an Omaha meat packer. Then he drove an electric truck for Marshall Fields. He was a young man when Grampa was born. James Herbert also had the job of hauling dead bodies from the Chicago River disaster when the boat tipped. [July 24, 1915, 844 dead when the excursion steamer Eastland rolled over.] He got in with the teamsters union, and Marshall Fields fired him for it. His last job was cleaning street lamps when he died in 1926. He wrapped himself in newspapers to keep himself from freezing as a teamster. He could read and write. James Herbert's first wife was Lillian, (also called Lilly). His second marriage was to a woman (Bertha) he'd met through a lonely hearts club, and he married her within one year of the death of his first wife.

The spelling of Hegarty on his son's birth certificate was "Hagerty," which is the way Grandpa Jim often pronounced it.

Once owned a house with Lillian at 2614 Lowe Ave., Chicago. The deed for sale of the house is in Belle Radcliffe's posession. Sale effective 7-3-1908. Legal papers spelled their name as "Haggerty". House was described as follows: Lot 19 in Block 8 of Wilson P. Conover's subdivision of Blocks 1, 7, and 8, James Webb's subdivision of the southeast quarter of section 14, Town 38 North, Range 13 East of the 3rd Principal Meridian. Paperwork also in Belle's posession for the purchase of a house described as Lot 38 & 39, Block 3 in Eberhardt and Hammonds subdivision west (?) of St. Louis (Eberhardt) (sic) Ave. in Southwest quarter of the southeast quarter, Sec. 14, Township 38, North Range 13, East of 3d p.m.

In the 1928 Chicago city reverse directory, he and Bertha were living on W. 62 Place along with Carl & Lauretta Johnson. According to legal documents in Belle Radcliffe's posession, when he died, his personal estate (address was 3520 W. 62nd Pl., Chicago) was valued at $448. His final expenses were $1,353.10. Herndon Benton (husband of aunt Margaret Mette) paid $230 of that and the rest was paid by second wife, Bertha, (1/3) and his son, James Harold (2/3). Of that amount, Bertha received $500 cash as a widow's award. His personal effects were divided between Bertha and Jim. The property they owned was valued at $12,300. Jim then paid Bertha $5,082.03 for the property so he could live there -- I think. That's how the family story goes, and I believe I'm reading the legal papers correctly. He always felt he'd been dealt an unfair blow by the deal.

There still exists a receipt for a bicycle he bought 4-30-1896 for which he paid $33.50. "Bought of Chicago Vehicle Co., Agents for Racine Wagon & Carriage Co.... Buggies, Express, Delivery and Spring Wagons, 458 and 460 Wabash Ave." He bought 1 Eureka Bicycle, black, #13617 and paid cash. For a photo of the bike, see the photo gallery for James H.H. Receipt owned by Belle Radcliffe.

It's possible that James' real name was Herbert James because according to the 1880 census, ...

Looked thru 1910 census Ward 4, District 248 looking for JHH. His wife's father lived in this district, so that's why I picked here to look. Also looked at District 249.

I found a Mary Heagerty as head plus sons John, Dennis, James, and daughter Margret living in Oswego in 1905. The age is right for son James. Could Minnie be Mary? Age is 14 yrs off for mother Mary -- From NY State Census, 1905, Oswego at FamilySearch.

Also from FamilySearch, a NY State Census for 1892 shows a father as Michael "Heagerty", age 55, born in Ireland, with a wife Mary, age 54, born in Ireland, and a son James, age 14. However, there are also other children -- a John, age 21; Joseph, 19; and Dennis, 17. Father Michael was a Carpenter, son John was a moulder, and Joseph was a laborer. From the same census, other "Heagerty"s -- Daniel, age 53; Julia, 43; Stephen, 21; John, 19; Mary, 16; William, 15; Daniel, 11; Fred, 8; James, 6; Nellie, 4; Frank, 2.

I found a J.J. Hagerty (sic) in the 1892 Chicago Voter Registration. He's listed as having been born in NY and in the precinct, county, and state 18 months. He's listed as a native, and hence not naturalized. Date of application was 10-25-1892. His address was 499 State Street, Chicago, which is near the intersection of S. State and W. Congress Pkwy. He's the only person registered to vote that year that could possibly be the correct person. The address listed is right near the Washington Library, which is right near where James Herbert's father died. It's also at that intersection that the South Side Elevated Line train began its southerly route, beginning the route in 1888. (The route ended in the alley east of State Street. -- source: South Loop Historical Society) By 1910, "78% of black Chicagoans lived in a chain of neighborhoods on the South Side of Chicago. This 'Black Belt' was an area of aging, dilapidated housing that stretched 30 blocks along State Street and was rarely more than several blocks wide..." -- source: Encyclopedia of Chicago online.

1892 -- Early June, 1892 , Oswego Daily Times. Attended wedding of W. Herbert Hannan and Miss Ada Belle Halladay, but the interesting thing of note is that it says he was visiting from Syracuse, NY. This indicates to me that they as a family moved to Syracuse, and was coming back to Oswego to be at this wedding.

1893 -- June, Oswego Daily Times reports a Master Herbert Heagerty attended a wedding in Oswego but he was an out of town guest from Syracuse.


bullet  Noted events in his life were:

Alt. Name: Herbert James Hagerty/Hagarty. 25 He's listed as Herbert "Hagerty" in the 1880 census. Bertha Hegarty (2nd wife of James Herbert) listed James Herbert's father's name as Herbert James on the death certificate for James Herbert. However, James Herbert identified his father as James Herbert on his marriage certificate to Lillian Mette.

It's interesting to note that there was a Herbert D. Heagerty, grocer, in Syracuse, NY in the 1903 city directory. Could this have been an uncle of this person? We know that James Heagerty (father to Herbert James) had connections to Syracuse via the grocery business.
A Herbert Heagerty is listed as a student in the 1900 Syracuse city directory. Ditto one year earlier, 1899.
He's listed as James Herbert "Hagerty" on his WWI draft registration card.

Alt. Name: James Haggerty. 14

Residence, 1 Jun 1880, Ellen Street, Oswego, Oswego, NY. 25 Living here were James "Hagerty" wife Minnie, daughter Ursula, sons Herbert and John. (James must be listed as Herbert, I'm guessing this is his middle name and maybe he went by Herbert.) But listed as borders are William and "Margh" Shannon. William is listed as the same age as Minnie. Could that have been a twin brother of hers?

Residence, Abt 9 Jun 1893, Syracuse, Onondaga, NY. 339 From Oswego Daily Times -- mention that "Master Herbert Heagerty" and a "Mr. F.M. Heagerty" were guests at a wedding. They are listed as guests who came from Syracuse. Wedding was Miss Ada Belle Halladay to W. Herbert Hannan of Syracuse. Mr. Hannan is chief engineer of a furniture manufactory. Others from Syracuse in attendance: Clowe, Porter, Couse, Allen, Wetmore.

Residence, Sep 1894, 366 State Street, Chicago, Cook, IL. 333 In 1909, the house #s changed. Number 366 was not listed in the book showing new/old house numbers but 358 WAS, and the new number was 22 State St. The next # listed is 400, and its new number was 24 State St.

The numbers were changed again in 1911.

Residence, 30 Apr 1896, 510 26th St., Chicago, Cook, IL. Source: receipt for bicycle for which he pd. $33.50. Either for this James "Hagarty" or his son.

Residence, 1898, 110 25th Place, Chicago, Cook, IL. 85

In the News: House on Ellen St. burns down, 16 Jun 1900, Ellen Street, Oswego, Oswego, NY. 340 This home must have been owned by James Herbert because by this time his father had passed on. Whatever happened to this property is yet unknown. Deeds for properties after 1902 are currently unavailable on FamilySearch.

June 16, 1900 -- Oswego Palladium "Fire this Morning. John McCarthy's Home in Hart Street was Destroyed. Fire was discovered shortly before four o'clock this morning at the home of John McCarthy in Hart street. An alarm was sent in from box 42, but before the department could arrive the house was nearly gutted. Mr. McCarthy works in the Kingsford factory and arose at three o'clock this morning to go to work. He left a light burning in his home and as this was the only fire in the home, it is supposed that the lamp exploded. Mr. McCarthy's family escaped. The house was owned by James Heagerty, of Chicago. Because of its being outside the water limit the blaze was extinguished with great difficulty. The loss upon the house is estimated about $1,900. It is not known that there was insurance on the place. Mr. McCarthy's furniture was destroyed. He had a small amount of insurance."

Residence: (possibly), 1900, 216 S. Sangamon, Chicago, Cook, IL. 127 A laborer named James "Hegerty" is living at this address, according to the city directory.

Occupation: Grocery clerk, 3 Dec 1900, Chicago, Cook , IL, USA. 341

Occupation: Grocer, 22 Jul 1901, Chicago, Cook , IL, USA. 342

Occupation: clerk: Lawler's Grocery Store. 335 26th and Lowe, or 510 W. 26th St. It was at Lawler's that he met his future wife, Lillian Mette.

Occupation: teamster: Chicago, Cook , IL, USA. 335 He drove a two-horse team for Omaha meat packers.

Occupation: chauffer, 1914-1920, 2608 Lowe, Chicago, Cook. 14,85,150 He was a teamster for Standard Oil Company according to his WWI registration. Standard Oil was at 58th St., Chicago.

Residence, 12 Sep 1918, 2608 Lowe, Chicago, Cook. 150

Residence, 3 Jan 1920, 3520 W. 62nd Pl., Chicago, Cook, IL. 14 Listed under James Haggerty. Living here are James, William, son James, and William Mette, Brother-in-law.

Residence, 1922-1923, 3520 W. 62nd St., Chicago. 80 His phone # was Republic 2669.

Occupation: gas street lamp cleaner: Chicago, Cook , IL, USA. 335

Residence, 1929, Chicago, Cook , IL, USA. 38 Death certificate states he'd lived in Chicago for 30 years. (Source not all that reliable, it was the second wife who gave the info, and she didn't know him all that well.) Plus, it's a round number where the certificate gives an opportunity to list years, months, and days. It also has a place for "how long in U.S. if of foreign birth" and that is left blank.

Medical: Cause of Death. 38 Primary cause was chronic intestitial nephritis, duration 6 months, 28 days. Secondary condition was multiple neuritis; duration 2 years, 6 months, 28 days. No operation performed. No autopsy. Tests confirmed through labratory findings. Dr.'s address 735 W. 79th St.

Cemetery: Mt. Hope Cemetery: Chicago, Cook , IL, USA. 63 James is buried with first wife, Lillian. Sec. 7, plot 235. Also buried with them is son James Harold & wife Helen. Also Herndon Benton, the husband of James Harold's mother's sister. It is speculated that our family owned the extra plot, and they let Herndon's family have it for Herndon, who had done so much to help the family in time of need.
James and Lillian both have headstones -- flat ones.

Physical Description, 12 Sep 1918. 150 Tall, Slender build, grey eyes, dark hair.

Probate. I didn't find any evidence of any probate papers for Mr. Hegarty.


James married Lillian Mette, daughter of Michael Mette and Anna Kearns, on 3 Dec 1900 in St. Joseph, Berrien County, Michigan 27,335.,336 (Lillian Mette was born on 31 Aug 1880 in Chicago, Cook , IL, USA,14,34,38 died on 17 Apr 1924 in Chicago, Cook, IL, USA 38 and was buried on 21 Apr 1924 in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Cook, IL 27,343.)

bullet  Marriage Notes:

Married by the minister of the gospel, according to's Michigan marriages 1868-1922 where the original records can be viewed. Witnesses to the marriage were F.C.(?) Berger as minister, Mr. W.E. Burk, and Mrs. F.C. Berger, all residents of St. Joe, MI.

Information given in "Michigan Marriages, 1868-1925" (FHL) shows James Hegarty's parents were James and Minnie Shannon Hegarty. James was a grocery clerk, born in NY.

St. Joe was a "Gretna Green" marriage spot. In other words, it was a spot where eloping couples could seek a hasty marriage (see, sort of like a Las Vegas of the day. In fact in June of 1900 there was an article in the Chicago Tribune describing a matrimonial derby day in St. Joe with over 30 couples participating from Chicago.
Belle Radcliffe owns the ticket envelope in which the railroad ticket would have been stored. The Michigan Central ran from Central Station downtown Chicago and also stopped at Twenty-second St., Thirty-ninth St., and Hyde Park and 63rd Streets before heading to St. Joe, MI and beyond. It had sleeping, dining, and parlor cars.

December 3 was a Monday.

Lilian proposed to Jim via this:

Belle Radcliffe has in her possession a paper with the following mimeographed poem on it. We don't know to whom it belonged. Next to each line of the poem is glued a colored ribbon bow that corresponds with the line of the poem.

If to me your heart is true,
Send me back my bow of blue.

If of me you sometimes think
Send me back my bow of pink.

If to me your heart is dead
Send me back my bow of red.

If you want me to elope,
Send me back my helitrope.

If of me you sometimes dream
Send me back my bow of green.

If the writers (sic) name you guess,
Send the bow to his address.

The interesting thing about this is written in pencil at the top of this poem. It begins with the letters N.B. then there's a space, and these lines written in pencil: "If you wish me for your wife, Send me back my bow of white." There is no white bow! It had been folded, and on the back was written something like (writing from my memory) "Jas. Lawler's". She must have sent it to his work.


James next married Bertha Berg, daughter of Frederick Berg and Living. (Bertha Berg was born on 2 Oct 1875 in Germany,38,54,292 died on 19 Mar 1945 in Chicago, Cook , IL, USA 38,54,292 and was buried on 21 Mar 1945 in Concordia Cemetery, Forest Park, Cook, IL 38.)

bullet  Marriage Notes:

I've looked in for mention of this wedding in the InterOcean under the following spellings:
Hegarty, Heggarty, Heggerty, Hagerty, Haggerty, and Haggarty. There were plenty of Haggertys and Hagertys, and even some J.H. Hagertys and J.H. Haggertys, but none I thought were correct. There are no papers available for the Oswego, NY area.

Grandpa said they married w/in a year of Lillian's death but I can't find record of their marriage date. She appears to have been married before (IL Statewide Marriage Index).

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