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Nora Aileen Radcliff

Harry Carson Starr 177

  • Born: 3 Dec 1867 16
  • Marriage: Nora Aileen Radcliff on 11 Jun 1891 in Decatur, Macon , IL, USA 34
  • Died: 14 Jul 1904, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA at age 36 16
  • Buried: 16 Jul 1904, Greenwood Cemetery, Decatur, Macon, Illinois, USA 185

bullet  General Notes:

An article in the Decatur Daily Review 10-31-1900 says the three brothers Harry, W.H., and Joe went to Hartsburg, PA to visit their old home and friends of their youth, so I figure that's where they were all three born.

There are many other social events which Harry attended that aren't documented under Events. Many were parties also attended by Linn Radcliff and other Radcliffs, although Nora wasn't a frequent party-goer.


bullet  Noted events in his life were:

Entertainment: Captain of Baseball team, 14 Aug 1884, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172 Captain of the Decatur "Athletics"

Health: bilious fever, 15 Sep 1885, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172 Had a "severe case of bilious fever" but was able to go downtown on 9-15.

Residence, 2 Jun 1880, W. Main, Decatur, Macon County, Illinois. 25

Hobbies: Helped build ballpark, 1885, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 407 Park was located on the corner of William and Pine St. in the spring of 1885 on what later became part of Millikin Place. Harry had been a good catcher and 3rd baseman and manager of the Decatur High School baseball team. The first game at the park had 500 in attendance and was between the Decatur Reds and the Springfield Browns.

Entertainment: won a foot race, 8 Nov 1886, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173,408 Beat Charley Davidson in a race at Downing Park. Won $10.

Travel: to California, 15 Dec 1887, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 409 He wrote this letter to his brother Wm. H. Starr:
"Dear Brother -- Mother and I have stopped off here with Mr. Miller and company, but will probably go to Los Angeles next week. I tell you the climate is mighty fine; just like summer. You can go in your shirt sleeves all day and feel just boss. This is a very nice little town of 1200 people and is so situated that we can get to quite a number of towns by rail near by. We were at San Bernadino to-day. It is a pretty little town of 7,000 or 8,000 population. I tell you that she is on the boom and property is valuable. San Bernadino is only three miles north of Colton, and is connected by rail and motor lines. We leave tomorrow at 8 a.m. to take a drive to the famous Red Lands some seven miles away. This is said to be the best part of the state for persons who are troubled with throat or lung trouble. Riverside is some seven miles south of here and is said to be the finest orange country in California. You can drive for miles and miles and can see nothing but orange and fruit groves. I was through an orange orchard of 40 acres today and it was the finest site you ever beheld. The oranges were very near ripe and I would bet every tree had from two to four bushels. Property in the business part of San Bernadino is worth from $600 to $1000 per front foot of lots 134 [?] feet deep, and residence lots in proportion. We are in very good location and have very fair hotel accomodations for $3.50 per week apiece. But you can pay more if you wish. We are very well satisfied with our place. Orange groves are worth from $1000 to $4000 per acre and farming land from $150 to $500 per acre. Mother stood the trip very well and is [?] very good and likes the climate. The climate [?]... is the best part of California. Will tell you more next time. Harry."
There is mention that he arrived home from California on April 12, 1888 in the Decatur Daily Republican, 4-13-1888.

Entertainment: Decatur Running Rescue team member, 1 Aug 1888, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 410 The team ran races in Matoon "at the races and firemen's tourney." Top prize was $100.

Legal, 11 Sep 1889, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 411 Accidentaly shot his mother to death. From the article: "Neighbors who had come home from the theater and were yet awake were startled by hearing the sharp report of a revolver and one shriek of a woman, followed by the agonizing and frantic cries of a man who repeatedly called for help. The cries penetrated to a considerable distance, and the first to arrive at the Starr residence, from whence the cries emanated was T.T. Roberts, followed by Jane and Dick Roberts, the Republican reporter and Fred Baldwin. On hearing the cries T.T. Roberts telephoned to the police and Special Officers Bailey and Connard hurried to the scene. Going up stairs to the double apartments occupied by Mrs. Starr and her son, the deceased was found upon the floor with her head against a pillow and Harry at her side, doing what he could to stanch the flow of blood and hoping against hope that the wound had not proven fatal. It was pitiful to witness the deep grief of the poor young man, who with each passing moment more fully realized the awfulness of the midnight mishap. As quickly as possible messages were sent for the Dr. D.N and E.W. Moore, and W.J. and Cass Chenoweth, Dr. D.N. Moore being the first to enter the room. But the presence of the physicians was of no avail -- Mrs. Starr had died some minutes before they arrived, passing away without being able to speak a word of farewell to any of her children, attended only by her sobbing son. Later, Mr. and Mrs. I. Baldwin, and daughter, Miss Grace and their guest, Mrs. Davis, of Emery, arrived at the residence... As our readers well know several bold burglaries have been committed lately in the city and our people generally are more or less watchful. Only yesterday Mrs. Starr and her son, who with the servant girl, were the only occupants of the house, had talked about the depredations of burglars. Harry, who is single, made his home with his mother, and was her protector. Both occupied up-stairs rooms in the west side of the house, the rooms being separated by folding doors. Harry slept in the south room and his mother in the north room. Both retired at the usual hour. At about 12 o'clock Harry was aroused by a real or imaginary noise and thinking of burglars he got up and secured a 38-calibre Smith & Wesson revolver, which had been kept in a dressing case. There was no one moving about in his mother's room at that time. Harry returned to his bed and put the revolver under his pillow. He fell asleep thinking of and listening for burglars. He was asleep when another noise aroused him. Looking north through the open doors he saw a dark form outlined against the window -- the moon was shining -- and instantly he fired the fatal shot, the response to which was one terrible cry from his mother, through whose neck the fatal bullet had passed, embedding itself in the north wall of the room. Instantly Harry realized the terrible mistake he had made and hurried to the side of his mother to support her before she fell and to find her life blood issuing in streams from the severed jugular vein... Harry is nearly heartbroken... This morning the inquest was held at the home of sorrow... THE VERDICT ... Having heard all the testimony in the case, we fully exonorate Harry from all blame in the matter."
Further details can be read in the Decatur Herald of 9-14-1889. Other items of note from the Herald: police took the gun from Harry for fear he'd kill himself.

Residence: house his parents built, 11 Sep 1889, 345 W. Main, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 411 Lived with his mother.

This house is no longer standing. We checked 3-08.

Travel: to Boston, 12 Aug 1890, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172 Went to Boston with his uncle from Pennsylvania.

Occupation: builder ?, 1 Nov 1890, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 412 Two pretty dwellings have lately been completed in the Starr & Mills addition by Joseph and Harry Starr. The houses are twins. Each is 35x42 feet in dimension. Each contains 7 rooms, four on the first floor, and 3 on the second. Sliding doors connect parlor and sitting room and sitting room and dining room, and yet from the hall in front one can enter either room directly. There are large closets. The woodwork has hard oil finish thoughout. A cistern pump in the kitchen, a sink and every modern convenience is provided. The parlor has mantle and grate. The houses are thoroughly modern. They are on the Short Line Street railway. The yards are nicely sodded, the walks are artificial stone, and everything is complete. One of these dwellings is now rented and the other is for rent. Applications may be made to J.G. Starr & Sons.

Occupation: Harness maker, 1890, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 413 The Starr brothers moved their factory quarters to the west side of North Main St., nearly opposite the north end of the library block. The new building was to have been four stories tall, 43' 8" across its front, with an inset about 25 feet from the front.

Marriage: travel to KY and TN on wedding trip, 25 Jun 1891, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 414 Arrived home 6-24.
While at a hotel in KY, they woke to find the building on fire. They escaped with their belongings but it was a narrow escape.

Travel: to Denver, CO, 28 May 1892, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 Left on 5-27-1892.

Residence, 9 Jul 1892, Mills & Starrs addition, Decatur, Macon, IL. 415

Entertainment: Entertained members of the Opera House Orchestra, 9 Jul 1892, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 A piano and clarinet duet was played by Mr. Starr and Professor Walters.

Entertainment: Theater production "Spider & the Fly," 3 Nov 1892, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172 Article doesn't say what part Harry played, but he's listed as some of the new blood all of whom are clever people.

Entertainment: Owned race horses, 8 Jul 1893, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 198 After having visited the World's Fair in St. Louis, Harry stopped by Bloomington on the way home and watched his horse run in a race.

Entertainment: Party for Mr. & Mrs. G.H. Conklin, 27 Oct 1893, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172 Harry attended a party for the Conklins who were returning from their wedding tour. Also in attendance: Linn Radcliff, Fallis Radcliff.

Organizations: Riverside Whist Club, 13 Dec 1893, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 The club plays duplicate whist.

Legal: Filed lawsuit in property case, 23 May 1896, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 Filed suit against Ed Glennog for having a bicycle that Harry said was "stolen." "Some time ago Glennog's wife bought the bicycle from Starr & Sons on installments. Later, she separated from her husband and left the city, leaving the bicycle in the hands of her husband, who gave it to another woman, though Starr & Sons had not yet been paid for it."

Health: blood poisoning, 23 Nov 1896, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 416 While in Missouri hunting deer Harry Starr stepped on a thorn and injured himself. Blood poisoning set in, and now Harry since his return home is confined to his room.

Property: Bought Miller carriage in sale, 30 Mar 1897, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172 Bought a carriage for $360.

Legal, 18 Dec 1897, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 The case took two days and the lawyers and newspaper were complaining the case should have been settled in one hour. The case was settled in favor of Kramer. It was over $24 for work on some vehicles.

Residence, 12 Jun 1900, 1140 S. Walnut, Riverside, Decatur, Macon, IL. 34 This address no longer exists. It may have been where Lake Decatur now is.

Health: Ill in Harrisburg, PA, 20 Dec 1900, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 "Harry Starr, who has been seriously ill at Harrisburg, Pa., is improving. Reports received by the family are now encouraging and it is thought that Mr. Starr will be sufficiently strong to be brought home by the first of the month."
He had typhoid fever, according to the Daily Review 12-30-1900.

Travel: to Cintronelle, Alabama, 31 Mar 1904. 173 Went to Ala. for Nora's health, arriving back on 3-30-1904. They were gone for 2 months.

Obituary: Decatur Daily Review, 14 Jul 1904. 173 P. 10 -- "Harry C. Starr Died Thursday - End of an Illness of Several Months With Bright's Disease. Harry C. Starr died at his home, 1140 South Walnut street, at 10 o'clock Thursday morning. His quiet death ended a long suffering from Bright's disease, with which he had been afflicted several months.
His death came somewhat unexpectedly, though his family and relatives had been looking for it over a week. His two brothers, W.H. and J.S. Starr, had just left him to get a little rest. They had been staying up nights with him and were worn out. His pulse seemed stronger and they thought he was in better condition than he had been for some time. Only a few minutes after they left, he died. HIS ILLNESS. Mr. Starr had been confined to his bed for four weeks before his death. Bright's disease attacked him last fall or winter, and he could get no relief. In the hope of improving his condition he went to Alabama last February, and stayed there six weeks. Instead of improving, his condition became worse and he returned home. Since then his decline had been steady. LIFE SPENT IN DECATUR. All of Harry Starr's thirty-six years were passed in Decatur. He was born here, reared here, educated here. He was the son of J.G. Starr and brother of W.H. and J.S. Starr.
Mr. Starr married Miss Nora A. Radcliff fourteen or fifteen years ago. She with three children, two girls and a boy, survive him. The children are Marlin, Bernice and Grace.
In business life, Mr. Starr was associated with his brother, J.S. Starr, under the firm name of J.S. & H.C. Starr, wholesalers of buggies and other vehicles.
Mr. Starr was deply itnerested in Riverside and its improvement. Though not in the firm which opened the addition, he aided greatly in building it up. He himself built a good house there and had a fine home in the addition.
Mr. Starr was a member of the First Methodist church. He was also a Knight Templar, and a member of the Ionic ledge, A.F. & A.M. and of Macon chapter, R.A.M. He was past worthy patron of the Order of the Eastern Star. THE FUNERAL. The funeral will be held Saturday afternoon from the residence on South Walnut street. The Knight Templars will probably have charge. The burial will be in Greenwood cemetery."

Obituary: Decatur Daily Review, 15 Jul 1904. 417 Obits appeared in the paper on:
7-14, p. 10
7-15, p. 10 "Funeral of H.C. Starr. The funeral of Harry C. Starr will be held at 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon from his residence, 1140 South Walnut street. Rev. W.J. Davidson, pastor of the First Methodist church, will conduct the services. Braumanoir (??) commander, K.T., will have charge of the funeral. The burial will be in Greenwood cemetery."
7-17, p. 4

Funeral: "Funeral on the Veranda," 17 Jul 1904, S. Walnut St., Decatur, Macon, IL. 185 "Big Crowd at Templar Service over the body of Harry Starr"
"The funeral of Harry C. Starr was held at 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon from his residence, 1140 South Walnut st. Services were conducted by Rev. W. J. Davidson, pastor of the First Methodist Church, as minister and acting prelate of Beaumanoir commandery, Knights Templars.
In the presence of about 300 people the services were held on the veranda. The casket was placed near the south end of the porch. A bank of asparagus, smilax, palms and fern leaves was built from the casket to the eaves of the porch and with the vines made an impenetrable screen. Flowers in great numbers were worked into the bank or scattered on the casket. Red and pink and white roses and carnations were the most numerous among the floral offerings, but some lilies and other flowers were to be seen. There were so many flowers, both in design and flat bouquets that not all could be used in the bank. Chairs were placed inside the house for the family and other near relatives. Other people were seated on the lawn.
The impressive ritual of the temple was used in the funeral services. Knights were on guard all the time the casket was on the porch and the commandery had assembled in a body. Mr. Davidson preached a short and simple but eloquent sermon from the text, "Upon the top of the pillar was the lily work," the pillar typifying strength and the lily work character.
Only two hymns were sung. They were, "Nearer My God to Thee" and "Lead Kindly Light."
Pallbearers were chosen from among the knights of the commandery. They were...
The funeral procession was one of unusual length. There were 18 closed carriages and as many private rigs. ... In Greenwood cemetery the regular committal service of the Temple was held.

Legal: Bankruptcy 10 years ago, 23 Aug 1913, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 "Ten Years Ago"
"Proceedings to throw Joe Starr and Harry Starr doing business as the Premium Buggy Company into bankruptcy were started in Springfield."


Harry married Nora Aileen Radcliff, daughter of Charles Clinton Radcliff and Edna Elizabeth Bullard, on 11 Jun 1891 in Decatur, Macon , IL, USA.34 (Nora Aileen Radcliff was born on 14 Nov 1868 in Mechanicsburg, , , IL, USA,16 died on 29 Dec 1907 in Decatur, Macon , IL, USA 177,178 and was buried on 1 Jan 1908 in Greenwood Cemeter, Decatur, Macon, Illinois, USA 16,178.)

bullet  Marriage Notes:

Went to Kentucky and Tennesee on their wedding trip. 186

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