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James Hegarty

Minnie W. Shannon 27,718,719

  • Born: 1854, Ireland 25,707
  • Marriage: James Hegarty in 1873 in Schull, Cork, Ireland
  • Died: 6 Mar 1894, Albany, Albany, NY at age 40 38,717

bullet  General Notes:

(Also look under Research tab and there's info under James Hegarty too)
Grandpa Jim said there was some connection he remembered to Rochester, NY. This website, carries The Catholic Journal, out of Rochester, NY which is filled with info about Schull -- news and death announcements, probably just Catholics.

The following info isn't relevant because I assume she left Oswego w/ her husband (or without him) in 1891:

I looked for her in the immigration records as either Minnie Shannon or Minnie Hegarty. She doesn't appear as Minnie Shannon, so maybe she was married when she came over, but if that's the case, I can't seem to see that she came with her husband, James. Under the name "M. F. Shannon," (female) I see an immigration record with the correct birth year, arrival in NY 3-30-1872. But she must be travelling with W. Shannon, listed on the line above her name. W. is a grocer, age 27. I suspect these 2 individuals are married but I guess they could be brother/sister. NOTE: In 1880, Minnie Shannon Hegarty has a William Shannon + his wife living with them. Minnie & William are the same age in the census, but 7 years different in the immigration record. Wm is 27 and M.F. is 20. As of 9-2014, my guess is that this is she. However, many Irish came to the US through Canada because Canada had fewer restrictions and inspections of individuals.

Another immigration record -- I see a Minnie Shannon (last name spelled oddly, it's a guess if it's really Shannon/Sheman). Minnie is 9 years old, coming with her mother Elizabeth and an 11 yr. old sibling whose name I can't read. Arrival 9-1-1873. So Minnie's birth date would be abt 1864. Arrival NY, left from Queenstown.

Note that a marriage took place in Schull, County Cork, Ireland between a Minnie Shannon & a James Hegarty. Check their marriage records. I suspect this is she.

There's a Minnie Hegarty living as a servant (a nurse) in Essex, MA (Essex County) in 1890 with a birth date of 1869, listed as single. Born in Ireland. Got her citizenship in 1890. Also living with her is Margaret Hegarty, also single. # of years in the states: 10.

From the Oswego Palladium paper: "Mr. Patrick Gill(?? -- er?) of this city married Miss Minnie Shannon of New Haven last week and among the bridal gifts was a house and lot, and the (? house?) completely furnished." -- dated Monday, Jan. 6, 18?? 83? As of 1880, there were no other Minnie Shannons listed in the census for Oswego. New Haven is 10.2 miles from Oswego.

Find out if James was naturalized so I can track down info on that record. Look for a will for James. (no will -- 2012 search of Cook Cty Clerk's Office Probate and Will search). Belle R. owns his naturalization papers.

Look into Ellen Shannon -- buried in Albany, NY. born abt 1851 in Ireland, lived in IL 17 years, died Jan. 1905. Died at 192 N. State St. But she died a Shannon not a Hegarty. (Could this be wife to John Shannon?)

Found a Minnie Hegarty who married in the Jul-Aug-Sep 1883 time frame in Cork, Ireland. Did Minnie go back home after the death of her 2nd child? (Between 1879 and 1898) In the UK Incoming Passenger Lists, there are several possibilities for Minnie Hegartys.

(Ireland, Civil Registration Marriages Index, 1845-1958)

I find a James Shannon in Griffith's Valuation, 1848-1864. Renting land. Valuation of rateable property is 0. Also a William Shannon with same value of rateable property. Both in Skull, IRE. There are 5 Shannon possibilities in Skull for the time period! Either Williams' or the one James.
I find a John and a Cornelius Hegarty in Cooradarrigan, Skull. And a George Hegarty & a Daniel Hegarty, Esq. in Derryconnell, Skull. And a Denis Hegarty in Ardmanagh, Skull. A different Denis Hegarty in Dunmanus, East, Skull; an Elias Hegarty in Cashelfean, Skull; there are just too many to list. All Hegartys spelled correctly.


1881 -- Oswego Palladium -- Dec. 15, 1881 -- "One Family's Troubles. James Gillespie, formerly of this city, a railroad yard master in Chicago, was killed recently. Two sisters of his wife, Mrs. James Heagerty and Miss Burke went to Chicago a few days ago to bring his family to this city. Tuesday a postal card was received saying they would start Tuesday night. But Tuesday night a despatch came announcing the death of the youngest child. It is said Mrs. Gillespie is unable to get her husband's last month's pay, $90, he having failed to sign the pay roll before his death." Don't know if this is our Mrs. Jas. Heg. I don't see how it could be if Mrs. James Heg's sister was Miss Burke. Wrong last name -- should be Miss Shannon.

1883 -- Oswego Morning Post -- Jan. 9, 1883 -- "Police Notes. Last evening Mrs. Heagerty, who lives on the corner of East Schuyler and Tenth and one half streets, was arrested on complaint of her husband for being drunk. She was locked up in the county jail."

1893 -- Oswego Daily Palladium -- July 11, 1893 -- "News in Brief. Mrs. Heagerty of East Seneca street, fell from her front steps yesterday about 4 p.m. and broke her collar bone. Dr. Langan reduced the fracture."


(For more, see her husband, James Hegarty)

1890 -- O. Daily Times About 9-11-1890 "Sept. 9, 1890 -- "Police Court. Before Hon. C.N. Bulger, Recorder. Sept. 8; Saturday night there was a tremendous row at the house of James Heagerty, a middle aged man, who lives on Hart street, and who, on several occasions, has figured in police court on charges of assault, generally on his wife, and who was not long ago, held to bail to await the action of the grand jury on a charge of assaulting a German neighbor with a ball club. The quarrel Saturday night between himself and wife culminated in an assault upon her and her screams brought out a large crowd. When the police came they found the woman with a bad contused wound on the forehead and subsequently it was discovererd that she had several other cuts on the head, add that she was bruised about the body. Heagerty was taken to the police station and gave bail in the sum of $1,000. This morning he cooly admitted that he had whipped his wife, but did not think she was much injured. As he wanted time to get counsel, an adjournment was granted until Thursday and the bail taken Saturday night was continued."

1890 -- Between April-Sept., 1890. Oswego Daily Times. "Police Court." -- The case of James Heagerty who is charged with refusing to support his family, was called this morning. Mr. Heagerty stated that he has never at any time refused to support his family and was now ready to do so. They had a pass book at a good grocery and could get anything they needed there. He also said there was plenty of wood and that a fourteen-year-old boy who was at home ought to be able to cut it. At the same time, he was willing to send them coal if they wanted it and would provide necessary medicine. Mr. Heagerty says that he has had a great deal to contend with and asks that the public suspend judgment until they know the facts in the case." [So with the word "send" in this article, can we glean that he is living separately from his family at this time?]

TRYING TO FIND MORE INFO -- Death Cert and Probate

In conversation in Salt Lake City at Family History Library, the salaried (meaning he knows more than the volunteers. He even has a degree in genealogy) gentleman I talked with on the 3rd floor said it was irregular that those probate records didn't mention the costs of her funeral. Her funeral would have been an expense that would have had to come out of her estate. (They DO. Charles E. Wait, a night watchman in Albany, paid the expenses of $91.32. Now why would a night watchman want to pay for Minnie's funeral? Might there be a romantic connection there? Just a kind-hearted guy?)

The genealogist suggested looking in Oswego as well. Records filed in 2 counties was unusual but not unheard of. So looking in Oswego for more probate info. He also said it was unusual that she had no obit in any paper. He implied I must have missed something in my searches, especially if she owned a home (property) in Oswego. Have I checked ALL Oswego newspapers? Check all papers a few days to one week out since news travelled slowly. (Also check papers around the time of the probate hearing -- my idea.) (Also relook into any Parkhursts being buried in Scriba cemetery. Could she have been buried near a sister?) Also check Oswego papers for the deaths of the Parkhursts. Also check probate records for the Parkhursts. The Parkhursts were living in Pulaski around the time of Minnie's death. Check cemeteries there. Could she be living in Albany under a pseudonym? This makes sense given the fact that there's no death cert for her in Albany, yet the probate records say she was living there. It's possible that she gave a false name to an employer in order to gain employment and appear to be single. Married women were much less employable. Then in this scenario, she would have told someone her real name. When she died, that person contacted the family in Oswego and Chicago. Were I to go to Albany, Pat Carey from New York State Genealogy says I can look at death certs on horrible microfilm but the deaths are in chronological order ...! Go to County Hall of Records on Tivoli street - free parking.

On FamilySearch - NY, Probate Records, 1629-1971 (scroll way down!) > Albany, I'm looking for probate records filed in Albany County as well as the Oswego probate records found earlier. Have looked in: Wills 1893-1895 Vol 42-43; Probate 1893-1894 vol. 17 (Image 224/365 shows a George H. Shannon's will. No female Shannon or Heg. Even looked for Giller. Nope.) Probate records 1894-1895 vol. 18. No Hegartys or Shannons or Jane Does or Parkhursts. Don't bother looking in wills. She died without one. If I want to talk to someone in Albany (Albany Library), talk to Jim Davies, historian.

Looked in FamilySearch - NY, Probate Records, 1629-1971>Monroe, Willis 1890-1894 vol. 42. No Jane Doe, no Hegarty, no Shannon or Parkhurst.

Looked in FamilySearch - NY, Probate Records, 1629-1971> Onondaga Probate Index 1802-1923 E-K. Looked here because a Herbert Heagerty from Syracuse attended a wedding in Oswego. So I thought maybe her son James Herbert was living with her in Syracuse at some point. Syracuse is in Onondaga Cty. I know she died in the city of Albany, though, because that's what the probate records show... Found nothing.

Looked in FamilySearch -- NY, Probate Records, 1629-1971>Oswego,> Estate index 1846-1916. Found for William Hagerty (box 2H); MINNIE HEAGERTY (BOX 8H) -- This is all listed in a book called Index to Estates, Surrogate's Court, Oswego County, NY. The top of the page, left to right, shows first name, second initial (none in the case of Minnie), Estate (meaning last name), Box, Package, and Remarks. There are no remarks for any of these. This is how I was able to track down her probate records. I now own copies of all the probate records. Minnie's name appears on image 133/288, which is page 230 of the book. Also on this page is a Mary Heagerty, box 9H. Also Bartholomew Heagerty, 15H; William Heagerty, 23H.

Looked in FamilySearch -- NY, Probate Records, 1629-1971>Oswego, >Final settlements 1886-1894 vol. 1. Nothing there. Then looked in vol. 2 of same thing. Nothing.

Looked in FamilySearch -- NY, Probate Records, 1629-1971.Oswego.>Guardianship records 1896-1909 vol. 1 and 2. Nothing.

Looked in FamilySearch -- NY, Probate Records, 1629-1971.Oswego.> Letters of administration 1893-1809 (sic) vol 1-2. Nothing. Note that this is titled Letters of Administration, but the microfilm is titled Guardian Records.

Looked in FamilySearch -- NY, Probate Records, 1629-1971.Oswego> Letters of Guardianship 1895-1916 vol 6-8.

Looked in FamilySearch -- NY, Probate Records, 1629-1971.Oswego >Sales 1896-1955 vol. 1. Actual book's title is Real Estate vol. 1. Found a Mary Heagarty listed as being shown on p. 311. Wrong Heagarty -- this estate settled in 1944.

Looked in FamilySearch -- NY, Probate Records, 1629-1971.Oswego >Wills 1896-1901 vol 1-2. Didn't find anything, but didn't figure to because she died w/out a will, according to her probate records.

Looked in FamilySearch -- NY, Probate Records, 1629-1971.Oswego >Will Index 1816-1915. Didn't find anything, but didn't figure to because she died w/out a will, according to her probate records.

Looked in FamilySearch -- NY, Probate Records, 1629-1971.Oswego >Appraisal records 1892-1906 vol. 5-6. Nothing.

Found the estate of a Mary Heagerty in Surrogate's Court from Oswego Palladium 2-5-1891. (I believe that's a '91.) "Estate of Mary Heagerty: citation returned with proof of service; special guardian appointed."

Received info from state of NY saying they can't find a death cert for her outside of Albany - 5-18-15. (Look under Research tab to read more.)

Called Albany vital records and asked if they had burial permits in 1894. Answer: dept of health in albany. See research tab above.

Note to self. There was an Albany Hospital for Incurables in the town of Bethlehem just outside Albany's city limits.

A place to check: the Dauley and Wright Records (from Oneonta, NY) - headstone cutters w/ all records of all details avail. Covers 1889-1938. Part of the NY State Historical Assn Research Library Special Collections.

I posted the following at
HEGARTY/ SHANNON -- Did Minnie Hegarty go home to Skull?
My great great grandfather was James Hegarty (about 1851 - 1898). He married Minnie Shannon (b. about 1854) in Skull (Schull) Ireland in 1873. (Or her legal name may have been Ursula.) Somehow or other they ended up living in Oswego, NY. James worked for the Kingsford Corn Starch plant there. (May have been a mason) He and Minnie had 3 children: Ursula, James, and Thomas. Only James lived to adulthood. The 2 other children are buried in a public cemetery in NY (not a Catholic one). The father James is buried with the children but I would like to know whatever happened to Minnie. I suspect she moved back home in the period between Oct., 1889 and May, 1898 but that's only a guess. She may have had a brother named William Shannon (b. about 1854, and also a worker at the Kingsford plant) and there may also be another family member named "Margh," (b. about 1856). From the time they came to the U.S., James was Episcopal. From Oswego, NY James the father and James the son moved to Chicago, IL. I don't know if Minnie went with them. I would love to find out more about either the Hegarty or the Shannon branch, and to find out what became of Minnie. Have tried all the usual sources. Can anybody out there help me break through my "brick wall"?

Wednesday 19th September 2012, 03:26AM
Skull (Cork)
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The answer's below:

I am looking at a Hegarty family from Queenstown in Cork. Here is some recent info I found, note the last Hegarty was born in Skull, not sure if any connection for you?

Birth Records for

County Cork, Ireland: page 2

RESOURCES: FHL Films (see individual records in table)

Home Ireland County Index Page

NOTE: All records are from Civil Registration.

HEGARTY Bridget F 12 Oct 1871 196, Queenstown, Cork Patrick HEGARTY Ellen MANNING Cork, Ireland 255838 1871-1872 (This is my great grandmother, I have matched with her birth certificate and know that her mother was Ellen Manning before she married Patrick)

HEGARTY Margaret F 17 Dec 1869 233, Queenstown, Cork Patrick HEGARTY Ellen MANNING Cork Ireland 101204 1869-1872 (I think this is a strong match for Bridget's sister)

HEGARTY Patrick M 21 Feb 1874 Skull Dispensary, Cork Ellen HEGARTY Cork, Ireland 255898 1874-1874

(Possibly this Patrick is another sibling of my g grandmother, so I will now be looking at the Skull area!)

Good luck in your search

Wednesday 19th September 2012, 05:47PM
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9-6-1890 Daily Palladium -- "There was no contest over the naming of city delegates, which are as follows: ... Edgar E. Shannon, ... Jeremiah Heagerty... The delegates were named by Mr. Bulger ... The contest was good natured from the start."

12-18-1890 Daily Palladium -- "The case of the estate of John Quinlan, adjourned to December 31st, as also were the matters appeartaining to the following estates: .. Wm. Shannon, ..."

12-27-1890 Daily Palladium -- Board of Works agreed to pay Shannon Bros. $2.45. Second mention in same date's paper -- "The managers of the Oswego Orphan Asylum gratefully acknowledge the following donations: Mrs. Shannon, doll's bed; ..."

12-30-1890 Daily Palladium -- the city paid Shannon Bros. $2.85.

3-6-1891 Daily Palladium -- in a listing of different wards in the city and who was elected to different posts: third ward, William J. Shannon, inspector.

8-22-1891 Daily Palladium -- "Unclaimed Letters. Remaining in the Oswego, NY post office for the week ending Saturday August 22nd, 1891: ... Shannon Wm W 10 W. Oneida St" (Not sure the W. Oneida St. address goes w/ the Wm. Shannon line. William's address may have been W. 10th.)

10-1-1891 Daily Palladium -- "A Wreck on the Delaware. Trains Come Together Near the Entrance to the Tunnel. There was a smashup on the End end of the D.L. & W. tunnel yesterday afternoon and as a result Michael Shannon, a D.L. & W. switchman, is confined to the house to-day. The accident was owing to the 'juggling' of the signal ball, Engine 14, James Williams engineer, was bound West with a long train of empty coal cars from the D.L. & W. trestle. Engineer P. Gibbons was coming through the dark tunnel with engine No 5 and several box cars that were being taken down to the lumber district. At the East end of the tunnel the box cars that were ahead of the locomotive crushed into engine No. 14. The front end of engine No. 14, was smashed in and the ends smashed in two or three freight cars. Switchman Shannon was severely bruised and shaken up, though no bones were broken. The wreck was cleared away in a short time."

10-15-1891 Daily Palladium -- "A Fine Wagon. Shannon Brothers, wagon makers, have just completed for Mr. L. Brosemer a very serviceable wagon, to be used in Syracuse, where Mr. Brosemer has built up quite a large trade. The wagon is a credit upon the makers."

10-19-1891 Daily Palladium -- "Sold Liquor on Sunday. Two young men, John Burke and William Shannon, became engaged in an altercation at Frankie Allen's place in West First Street last night and Burke struck Shannon on the head. Shannon procured a warrant at Police Headquarters and Burke was arrested by Officer Hanany about ten o'clock. In Police Court, this morning Shannon in the course of his examination disclosed the fact that he had obtained liquor at a place, as he described it, 'across from Frankie Allen's.' He didn't know the name of the place or of the street, being a stranger in the city. Chief Doyle detained the man after court and steps are being taken to find out the guilty party and secure his arrest."

11-26-1890 Daily Palladium -- "Third District - Third Ward. ...William J. Shannon Inspector ...20 00"

5-12-1892 Daily Palladium -- William Shannon was a pall bearer for Anna M. Ryan from the home of her mother in W. 8th St. Burial St. Paul's.

8-3-1892 Daily Palladium -- "A boy named Shannon, between twelve and fourteen years of age, and a son of Michael Shannon, a switchman employed on the Delaware Lackawanna & Western railroad, yards in this city was drowned about 3:20 o'clock this afternoon in the river just South of the Kingsford starch factory. Young Shannon in company with two other boys was swimmin and playing along the shore. While in the water he was taken with cramp and his companions becoming frightened ran away. The body was taken from the water."
8-4-1892 Daily Palladium -- "Michael Shannon, the boy drowned yesterday, will be buried to-morrow. Coroner Vowinkle decided that no inquest was necessary."

8-12-1892 Daily Palladium - The "Board of Works" met and found that they owed Shannon Brothers $9.35 so they paid them by check. Later, on 12-2-1892, they paid them $7.35.

3-2-1893 Daily Palladium - "City and Ward Tickets. ... In the Third ward both Democratic factions nominated the same candidates -- ... and Edgar E. Shannon for Alderman. Their Republican opponents are ... Edgar E. Shannon is one of the brightest and most popular young men in the ward. He is a wagon maker and with his brother conducts the business formerly operated by his father, the late D.G. Shannon. If chosen to the Council he will render his constituency a pleasing and satisfactory stewardship."

3-8-1893 Daily Palladium -- Election results, D. Shannon lost to R. Jones in 3rd ward alderman elections.

6-29-1893 Daily Palladium -- "Major Thomas W. Shannon. The National Odd Fellow, in a recent number, speaks in complimentary terms of an address delivered by Major Thomas W. Shannon at a gathering of the order in Rochester. Major Shannon is an Oswego boy, having left this city about eight years ago. While here he was employed in the starch factory, and since going to Rochester has developed in business talent and otherwise, and now holds a position of great responsibility in a large mercantile house there. Major Shannon will command a battalion of Patriarchs Militant in the parade in this city on the 3d of July. He is a brother of Mrs. William Parkhurst, Varick street, and has other relatives living here."

9-1-1893 Daily Palladium -- the board of public works agreed to pay the bill of $6.90 to "Shannon," no doubt the wagonmaker's bill.

10-4-1893 Daily Palladium -- "Died in Rochester. Robert Shannon, well-known in this city, was buried in Rochester to-day, where he has lived for a number of years. He was a relative of Mr. H.B. Cameron of No. 120 East Bridge street. Among the floral tributes at the funeral was a broken wheel from the greenhouse of George Jarred in West Mohawk street. The piece was one of the handsomest that ever left this city."

11-29-1893 Daily Palladium -- "Mr. William J. Shannon, of the firm of Shannon Brothers, carriage manufacturers, and Miss Kittie E. Berrigan were married at 3:30 o'clock this afternoon by the Rev. Father Dwyer, rector of St. John's church. Mr. Daniel G. Griffin acted as best man and Miss Nellie M. Driscoll attended as bridesmaid. After the wedding a reception was held at the home of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Shannon left on a wedding trip to include Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Many beautiful wedding gifts testified the esteem in which Mr. and Mrs. Shannon are held by their friends."

1-13-1894 Daily Palladium -- The "Board of Public Works" met and they owe Shannon Brothers $70, among a list of others.

2-14-1894 Daily Palladium -- "Edgar E. Shannon, named for Alderman in the Third ward, is a well-known member of the carriage manufacturers, Shannon Brothers. He is a young man very popular with all his acquaintances."

2-20-1894 Daily Palladium -- E.E. Shannon was nominated for Alderman in Democrat party, 3rd ward. Shannon lost.

4-12-1894 Daily Palladium -- "Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Shannon and Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Shannon, went to Rochester to-day to attend the funeral of their aunt, Mrs. Susan Brown."

7-11-1894 Daily Palladium --There had been a carriage and wagon business in Oswego in 1894 owned by the Shannon Brothers. The business was changed in 1894 to Shannon & Drumm with owners Edgar E. Shannon and Peter Drumm. Original owners will John A. Shannon, William J. Shannon, David D. Shannon, and Edgar E. Shannon.

That same Edgar E. Shannon was part of a 3rd ward caucus. He was named chairman. Daily Palladium 9-6-1895.

10-25-1894 Daily Palladium -- Shannon & Dunn bid on some work for the city. There are other instances of Shannon & Dunn doing work for the city and the board of public works but I've quit recording them.

4-23-1895 Daily Palladium -- Joseph Shannon was a pall bearer for Fanny M. Sheridan.

5-27-1895 Daily Palladium -- David Shannon was a pall bearer for Martin Mahaney.

8-1-1895 Daily Palladium -- "W. Shannon, of Niagara street, is visiting friends in Rochester."

10-12-1895 Daily Palladium -- E.E. Shannon, candidate for School Commissioner, while clipping a block of wood this morning, cut his left foot badly."

10-31-1895 Daily Palladium -- "Edgar E. Shannon - No 131 West Oneida st. - No 306 West 1st st - Commissioner of Common Schools (Short Term)" (He was running for office under the Democratic Reform Organization.)
11-4-1895 Daily Palladium -- "Edgar Shannon is a member of the firm of Shannon & Drumm, wagon makers, a graduate of our city schools, and is a bright and worthy young man." (endorsement by the newspaper for the election)
11-7-1895 Daily Palladium -- Edgar Shannon lost the election by 310 votes.

11-13-1895 Daily Palladium -- "Funeral of Mrs. Joseph Mullen ...The pall-bearers were ... William Shannon... interment was at St. Paul's."

2-12-1896 Daily Palladium -- "Funeral of Cornelius Barry...The pall-bearers were ... David Shannon... interment was at St. Paul's."

2-6-1897 Daily Palladium -- See Thomas W. Shannon for news articles about him, including his lawsuit against his former employer for defamation of character.

3-1-1897 Daily Palladium -- Mention of a Lavina Shannon being in a play, "Miss Francis of Yale."

6-19-1897 Daily Palladium -- See Thomas W. Shannon for news articles about him, including his lawsuit against his former employer for defamation of character.

7-26-1897 Daily Palladium -- "Business Changes. The firm of Shannon & Drumm, wagonmakers, has been dissolved by mutual consent. The business hereafter will be continued by Mr. Edgar E. Shannon, who has been associated with the business since boyhood and who is regarded as one of the best wagonmakers in the city."

7-29-1897 Daily Palladium -- "Notice of Dissolution. Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, under the firm name of Shannon & Drum, is hereby dissolved by mutual consent. All debts due the late firm are to be paid to Edgar E. Shannon, who will continue the business at the old stand, No. 306 West First street. Edgar E. Shannon, Peter Drum. Dated July 26, 1897"

8-10-1897 Daily Palladium -- "Sent to the Poor House. Nellie Shannon, nineteen years old and simple-minded, was before Recorder Bulger this morning charged with vagrancy. She pleaded guilty and was sent to the Poor-house for six months. Nellie has been working about town at different houses and has never been able to get along at any of them. On Saturday she applied to Clerk Kelly of the Charity Department for assistance and a night's lodging. She was given board at the Wagner House, but as Clerk Kelly could not continue to keep her at city expense, he made a complaint and she was arrested."

11-18-1894 See Thomas W. Shannon for news articles about him, including his lawsuit against his former employer for defamation of character.

11-18-1897 Daily Palladium -- "The case of the People vs. Walter Peterson and Willis Shannon is now on trial. The indictment charges assault in the second degree, committed on the 19th day of July last upon Charles D. Rogers, at the city of Oswego. The parties are jointly indicted and are being tried together. L.W. Baker is counsel for the defendants. The defense will seek to prove an alibi."

1-12-1898 Daily Palladium -- Edgar E. Shannon played center field on the Knights of Columbus team.

2-7-1898 Daily Palladium -- Surrogate Court. Important Matters Up for Consideration Today. Feb. 7 - In Surrogate's Court to-day Edgar E., William J. and David D. Shannon objected to the appointment of Mrs. Anna M. Keenan, of North Tonawanda, their sister, as administrator of the estate of their mother, Mrs. Jane Shannon. They desired Edgar E. Shannon to be appointed. The matter was adjourned to March 7th. Mrs. Shannon died some time ago, leaving property valued at $2, 400."

3-7-1898 Daily Palladium -- Notice with all the sordid details of a court case involving Edgar Shannon's business partner, Peter Drumm. "Three years ago Peter Drumm, of 291West Third street, was a sober, hard-working, industrious man. He was in partnership with Edgar Shannon and they did a good business in the wagon-making line in their shop in West First street, between Utica and Albany streets. In 1895 he accepted the nomination for the office of Alderman from the Fifth ward. The campaign proved too much for him and he began drinking and has kept it up ever since. About a year ago he was forced to give up his business and sold out his interest to his partner. ..."

3-16-1898 Daily Palladium -- "Mrs. John Shannon has returned home after an absence of several weeks spent in Buffalo and Rochester."

11-23-1898 Daily Palladium -- "A pretty wedding occurred at four o'clock this afternoon, when Miss Mary E. McGough and Mr. David Shannon were united in marriage. The ceremony was performed at St. Mary's church by the Rev. Father Fournier, ... The newly married couple will be at home to their friends next week, corner Ninth and Erie streets."

3-11-1899 Daily Palladium -- Effie Shannon in a play - The Moth and the Flame. "Exceedingly pretty in face and from with a pleasant and softly modulated voice she has for very many years been accepted as one of the sweetest and very best types of the ingenue acress. Her connection with only the very best companies has always presented her in a most attractive way to theatre-goers."

bullet  Research Notes:


Hi Ellen,

I went through the Albany Times Union microfilm for the dates of March 5,6,7,8, and 9, 1894. I found the obituary sections for each of these days, and unfortunately, I did not see a Minnie Shannon Hegarty (aka Heagerty, etc) in the listings. There were about 7-11 names each day.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to find anything.

Jim Davies

Local History Librarian

Albany Public Library

When doing a search at, it might be best to type in the date being checked, then Ctrl F for Albany or Oswego. Seems to work well.

Ordered microfilm from Oswego library of both Daily Palladium and Daily Times looking for obits but didn't find one. In the Daily Times, I checked Mar. 5 throu Mar. 11, 1894. In Palladium, I checked Mar. 6 thru Mar. 10, 1894. At, there is a crawl on the left side that asks if you want to see all the papers available. Then you can find the city you're interested in, and poke around until you get the date(s) you need. Looked in Albany NY Evening Journal for Mar 6 and 7, 1894. March 7 deaths are listed for last names of Devol (male); Heidlinge_(r?)(n?), Mary, widow of the late Frederick (?), aged 64 years...; Reilly (male),; Stevenson wife of the late Edward. Kept looking through March 8 and March 9 papers.

I didn't find her in the Brockport Republic 1856-1923 death list (deaths appearing in the Brockport Republic newspaper. (near Rochester, NY))

I looked in The Albany Evening Journal beginning on Mar. 6, 1894. (Image 453 of that paper at Fulton County History web site.) One of the pages of the newspaper is missing -- image 459. All images at the Fulton Cty web site are quite difficult to decipher. A listing of the dead on Mar. 6, 1894 (image 460) includes the names of Chandler, Davol, Midlinger (aged 11 days), and the last one listed is terribly difficult to read, maybe Reilly. March 7's listing was for Devol; Heidlinger, Mary, widow the the late Frederick; Stevenson, Libbie (?); and one more name I can't read but I think its something like Ebillt, (a male). I didn't find a listing of deaths for March 8. An obit column appeared Mar. 9. Listed are Mrs. Sarah Wickers, male Howard (text illegible), Mrs. ? H. Tim..., and someone in Wisconsin; Ora Gregory in Ann Arbor, MI. March 9 listing of dead are Elizabeth Stevenson, wife of the late Edward on Mar. 7.

As of 6-8-17, doesn't have Oswego Daily Times for the correct month.


(Note: For a complete listing of all cemeteries in Albany and Oswego Counties, go to )

Rochester, NY
-- Mt. Hope, Riverside (These two cemetery records are complete & available at I checked He/Ha/Shannon, Parkhurst, & Wait [the night watchman] names.) The following cemeteries have been checked, but they're tombstone recordings only and it's very doubtful that she had one: St. Pat's, Holy Sepulchre, Chili Presbyterian, Fellows, Grange Hall, Groveplace, Maple Grove, Morgan, North Chili Rural, Brighton,
There is a Mary Hagerty buried in Holy Sepulchre in Rochester who was buried 8-23-1894, age 70. Burial plot location is available, but nothing else. Sec. H Alphabet, Lot/Tier 7, Grave 105.

Clarkson, NY -- Garland, West Clarkson, St. Mary's

Oswego, NY -- Riverside, where rest of family is buried. This is actually in the town of Scriba, outside the city limits of Oswego. The Mt. Hope in NY and the Riverside Cemeteries have the images of their books online at I checked He/Ha/Shannon names. Minnie doesn't appear, but what's odd is that James, Thomas, and Ursula Heagerty/Hegarty,etc. don't appear either, so something is definitely wrong with this. No Heagertys appear, although certainly these cemeteries must have some by that name, given the number of them that live in town. I checked the "1893/January/1 to 1906 December 31" grouping for Mt. Hope, and Hag, Hea, and Heg categories for "before 1947" at Riverside. No Ursula, James, or Thomas appear either.) I called Riverside Cemetery, Oswego, NY to see if maybe she was buried next to her supposed-brother, William Shannon or Margh. Shannon. There are no Shannons buried there during a possible time period. Also checked to see if maybe she married Patrick Gill(er?) (see above) and maybe she'd be buried with him. Nope. No Patrick Gill(er). 2-26-15 -- Called Riverside to see if maybe she was buried as Minnie or Mary Wait (because Charles E. Wait paid for her funeral). The answer is NO.

Catholic cemeteries -- I called Paul's/St. Peter's in Oswego to see if maybe she was buried with her parents. After a 1 1/2 week wait, the call came saying they couldn't find anyone with the names of either Minnie or Ursula Hegarty (or various spellings) buried there unless she's buried in a plot owned by some of her family. (I don't understand that exactly, but that was the message on the machine. In a conversation via phone with the woman that works at Oswego Rural Cemetery, she said the Catholic records of burials aren't too good.)

Checked all Oswego cemeteries listed on for Hegartys - all diff spellings. Began search here: All cemeteries includes

St. Paul's (records shared w/ St. Peter's - see above paragraph),

Fairview, (
I checked Fairview recordings of the cemetery online, and no Heg or Shannon. No phone # available online.)

Rural (I called and the woman verified that she's not buried there as Heg/Shannon),

Pecks (
no phone # available on line), Hillside (no phone # available online),

Worden Sweet (
no phone # available online),

Minetto (
no phone # available online),

St. Peters, St. Pauls.
I do see a Thomas Shannon b. 1824 and buried in St. Paul's Cemetery, Oswego. Could that be her father? The Find A Grave site shows that Thomas and wife Cecelia had a daughter named Mary (Minnie), b. in 1863. She's buried in St. Paul's, having married a Gillen -- could this really be the Patrick Giller mentioned above? Probably. However, not the right family.

Irish Settlement Cemetery, aka Old Irish Cemetery-- haven't checked here because there's no phone #. Address is 1086 Rathburn Rd., Oswego. Approximately 200 burials.

Albany, NY -- Checked Albany, NY catholic cemeteries of St. Agnes (Menands, NY - Irish), and Our Lady of Angels in Albany.

Checked Albany Rural Cem also which is sometimes referred to as Menands). (I called Albany Rural, but later found those records of interment are available thru as Albany Rural Cemetery Burial Cards, 1791-2011. Checked Hagar/Hager/Hagger/Haggar/Hegar/Heggar/Hegger/Hegerty/Shannon. Also checked using just first name and death date of just March, 1894. Tried Minnie, Mary, Margaret. Nothing. Also tried checking via date ALL burials at Menands around the date of March 6 beginning with April 28, through March 15 looking for any females of approximately the correct age who died in Albany. As close as I got was an internment of a Minnie Tripp whose date of death was March 13, 1894 who died in Albany, age 43 but she's buried with John Tripp and she was born in Germany. Albany Rural is where pauper's graves are.) Also checked alpha listings for Hag/not Heg because of computer problems/Shannon

Checked Graceland in Albany (cemetery begun in 1902).

Tried Our Lady of Angels which borders Albany under the names Shannon/Heg/Heag. Tried St. Agnes (Catholic)

Looked online at the transcription for the Albany Poorhouse Cemetery 1880-1930. Checked Heg/Hag/Shannon/Wait, and all Minnies.

Also looked online at a transcription of a 1913 survey of the Gibbonsville Reformed Church Cemetery in Watervliet, also known as the Arsenal Cemetery.

Did not call Eagle Hill (St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran), but she's not on FindAGrave as Minnie or Mary for 1894. (518)463-0571.

Clarkson, NY
-- Garland

Henrietta, NY -- Brininstool, Brown, Bushman, East Baptist, Maplewood, Riverview, Tinker, or Whitacre

Monroe Co, NY -- I checked the following spellings: Hegarty, Heggarty, Hegerty, Heggerty, Haggerty, Hagerty, Haggarty, Hagarty, Agarty, Aggarty, Agerty, and Aggerty.

Penfield, NY -- Oakwood

Brighton, NY -- Brighton cem.

Chili, NY -- Buckbee's Corners

Troy, NY -- Oakwood Also called Oakwood Cemetery in Troy, NY, which was suggested as an alternative.

Chicago, IL --
Mt. Hope. Checked Heg and Hag spellings and also names of Minnie and also possibly Ursula on the chance that her real name was Ursula (there are records of a James and Ursula Heg. coming from Ireland at approx. the correct time). Ditto for Cedar Park. She's not buried in any Catholic cemetery in the city of Chicago. Spelling was checked multiple ways. Not buried in Mt. Greenwood, multiple spellings. Not buried in Oakwoods under the name Minnie Hegarty or Hagarty. Try again some time & ask for Ursula w/ spellings of Hegg. Not found in the GenWeb of Monroe Co. NY "Cemeteries of Monroe Co., NY" site, which lists burials for Rochester, NY. The listing doesn't include illegible, destroyed, or absent headstones. (It's from headstone readings.)

Skull, Ireland -- Looked in County Cork Pages: Skull -- Cemeteries & Graveyards.


7-18-2014 -- Am sending in $22 to the city of Albany, Registrar, Vital Statistics, 24 Eagle St., Rm. 254M, Albany 12207. (518) 434-5045. The death cert could show any or all of the following: date of death, name of parents, place where parents were from, cemetery, cause of death, name of attending physician. The whole process may take up to 2 months. Plan to send in letter w/ cashier's ck on 7-18-14.
8-26-2014 -- Received back a slip of paper that said record wasn't found. Called back. Got zero satisfaction. "We are only a filing agency." I called back a few days later and talked with Denise Kelley, Registrar of Vital Statistics. She kindly looked again under He/Ha/Hea/Shannon/Jane Doe and came up with nothing for correct date of death. Then I called Albany County Hall of Records and talked with Jill. She said she'd look to see if she could find anything. If she did, she said she'd call back. I got no return call. -- 9-2014. So in review -- her probate record shows she died Mar. 6, 1894 in Albany. Something doesn't add up. No death cert in Albany, no burial can be found in Albany or Oswego. Something is wrong. Either she died (1) someplace other than Albany, (2) on a different date/yr than what's shown in the probate records (not really possible), or (3) she died using a name different than Heg/Hag/Shannon or (4) somebody didn't follow the law and write out a death cert. What would be helpful would be a chronological listing of the deaths in Albany County for 1894. There is no chronological listing (I asked Tony Opalka and Denise Kelley). The place of death could be presumed to be correct because the probate papers say she owed room and board $ to Mrs. Carrie Parshall. The city directory for 1894 shows Parshall runs a boarding house at 1 Plain in Albany. Note that a death cert would probably list the "undertaker", and a google search indicates there was an Arthur Picard operating in 1894 at 270 Central Ave., Albany in the city directory of that year. Plain St. no longer exists. It ran east/west and intersected Philip, Grand, Fulton, S. Pearl, Green, Union, & Liberty. It was north of what is now Madison Ave. Looks like it may have been lost when highway 787 went in.

2-26-15 -- Talked to Denise C. Kelley, registrar of Vital Statistics in Albany (again, and she's very nice!) and she said Minnie did not die on or about March 6 under the name of Mary Wait (because Charles E. Wait pd for her funeral). She, too, finds it curious that this can't be found and she wonders if the mistake is that she didn't die in the city. Her one suggestion is to see if the STATE has her death cert. We talked about the possibility of her dying in a mental health facility. Someone else had told me there was NO mental health facility in the city of Albany in 1896. (So I don't think that's the answer.)
2-?-15 -- Called NY State Dept. of Health 3-2-15. I can request in writing a death cert from outside the city of Albany for another $22. Give all info, inc. maiden name, various spellings of Heg, death date, etc. The entire state outside NYC would be checked, but they don't have city of Albany records before 1917.
3-9-15 -- Sent letter to NY Vital Records with ck for $22 to have them look in other NY counties. Form says it can take up to 8 months to hear back. (See 5-26-15 below.)
3-12-15 -- Denise Kelley looked of her own accord (!) around those dates and found a Minnie Tripp who died in the city around March 6 but she was German, with German parents' names so we didn't think this was she. This Minnie was in her 40s, which would be correct.) I asked Denise Kelley what I could do for her for her kindnesses, and she answered that I could let her know when I find her so she knows what happened. Isn't that the nicest? She suggested I contact our local library to see if they could exchange a microfilm of the death index with the NY state library or the library in Rochester. I called the Bloomington library this same day.
3-17-15 -- Conclusion from Pat at Bloomington library that microfilms of a statewide death index aren't available to have loaned. Her suggestion is to order cemetery records for Albany county through FHC. Or I can contact a research librarian at the Rochester or Albany libraries to have them look up death records. There will be a charge, and for reference, the Bloomington library charges $5/30 minutes and 5 free copies. After that the prices rise.
5-26-2015 -- I've sent my $22 in to the state of NY for a check of death records outside the city of Albany, which would include the county of Albany. They sent back the letter saying nothing was found. (The records are on microfiche, and they say they do a 3 year search.) I called the state of NY and again I got the line, "We're only a filing agency." They said any number of things could have happened that caused the death cert not to be filed at all. Her only other suggestion is to contact the city of Albany, which I've already done.
5-29-2015 -- Heard from Andrew Arpey of NY State Archives. He's found 2 Mary Heagerty possibilities. 1. Died 9-23-1894 in Oswego. (Interesting, because Charles Davis was appointed as Minnie's administrator the next day and her probate was finalized on that date. Could they have filed it in Oswego the day before the court proceedings? I went page by page thru the Oswego Daily Palladium for 9-24 and 25 looking for mention of the probate proceedings and found none.) Death cert # 38938. (See next entry.)
Other death found as possibility is Mary Haggerty who d. 8-21-1894 in Rochester. Death cert #34036.
7-27-15 -- Received back from the state of NY a death cert for a Mary Heagerty who died in Oswego on Sept. 23, 1894. This must not our Minnie. This person was single, a daughter of Margaret and ..n's Heagerty. She's buried in the Catholic cemetery, St. Paul's on 9-25-1894.
8-8-15 -- Asked if burial permits were required in 1894 and if a copy of those permits is available. No answer yet. Asked via email.
8-13-15 -- Asked NY State Genealogy on Facebook for an answer of if burial permits were required. Had suggestions of Albany city or county Health Dept., town clerk, or dept. of buildings and grounds.
8-20-15 -- Asked Albany City Clerk (518) 434-5090 if they have old burial permits. They don't have so he transferred me to Vital Statistics. The woman with whom I spoke said she's not sure they had burial permits like they do today (??), but she took my info and will have someone call me back. She did call back and said burial permits through Vital Statistics begin Jan., 1923. Also called Dept. of Health in Albany (518)447-4580. They don't have burial permits there. She gave me the # for the NY state Dept. of Health. That's where current burial permits must be remitted to. Talked to a man there and he transferred me to the NY Bureau of Funeral Directing. I left a msg. There is NO phone # associated w/ this group on the DOH website. However, I did get a call back from Vital Statistics (518) 434-5045 and they left no msg.
10-23-15 -- The NY State Genealogy group on FB said sometimes you have luck "sending your request directly to the county records place (not really sure how you find out what it's called.)" I see I've talked to the City of Albany and the State of NY, but have I talked to the County of Albany? Also the Albany public library? (Yes, as of 10-26-15) Or Oswego County? Town of Oswego?
10-26-15 -- Talked w/ Shawn at the NY State Library genealogy dept. and was asking if there exists some headstone carver records, or whatever other unusual sources he can find to help figure where she's buried. Gave him the names of Charles E. Wait, night watchman, and Carrie Parshall, landlady. He said he'd look around, that there was a 3 day conference coming up so it'll take a while for him to look. He'll look in the actual newspapers, feeling that Fulton Co History website is inadequate for a thorough search.
Also talked w/ Jim Daviess at Albany Library. He suggested book through interlibrary loan called "The Texture of a Neighborhood - Albany's South End ..." by Virginia Bowers. This would explain what Plain St. was like in 1894. I requested this thru interlibrary loan.
10-30-15 -- Email response from Shawn at the NY State Library: "I went through the Argus, Albany Evening Journal, and Albany Morning Express and don't find any death notices or obits, or any deadly accidents involving anyone that sounds like Minnie.
Charles Wait and Carrie Parscall were both at 50 Hudson in the 1894. I suppose one could go through the entire directory looking for assumed names at that address, but as there are no other identifiers (unless they she was working and gave her profession), you still wouldn't know if that was Minnie under a fake name.
The only other things I can think of are contacting all of the possible cemeteries, or checking with the Albany County Hall of Records, County Clerk's Office, and County Courthouse for anything on this name, such as a coroner's report." So note that now with this information, we find that Minnie, Charles Wait, Charles Davis, and Carrie "Parscall"/Parshall all very close to each other on Hudson St. A bit of research shows Hudson was a street from early colonial times. The oldest house in Albany was 48 Hudson (next door to 50 Hudson).
10-31-15 -- Information about 50 Hudson Ave: The address of 50 Hudson was, in 1878, owned by a temperance group, and had a reading room. On Mar. 27, 1890 -- Carrie Parshall was in court because her gold watch had been stolen and Ira Brackett was arrested for it. Carrie was living at this address. On Oct. 26, 1893, the paper mentions a birthday party for a nine year old named Carrie Bauerlein at this address. On Oct. 9, 1894, the Morning Express has an article about Charles D. Rathbone having his place of business at this address. He was a seller of leather, and there was a case against him.

On Jan. 23, 1896, this article was front and center of the Albany Morning Express, page one. "Rena Cried Murder. When Hattie had Pulled Up a Large Lock of Her Hair by the Roots - Then the Police Came. At an early hour this morning the police were startled by the cries of murder in the vicinity of Hudson avenue and Green street. Upon investigation it was found that Rena Moore and Hattie E. Wendell, occupying portions of the house No. 50 Hudson avenue, was indulging in a fracas and that Hattie had succeeded in pulling a large handful of hair from Rena's head. But for the timely arrival of Sergent Cuddy and Officers Hoffman and Wilson, the Moore woman would probably have been scalped. It seems that the Moore woman rents the entire house from an agent and sublets a portion to the Wendell woman. For many years No. 50 Hudson avenue has been known as a disorderly house and disturbances have been frequent. Hattie Wendell is but 18. She was arrested for a breach of the peace and Rena Moore, aged 26, was taken for a breach of the peace and keeping a disorderly house." The next day, the follow-up article was: "Rena Moore and Hattie Wendell arrested early yesterday morning for creating a breach of the peace at No. 50 Hudson avenue, were fined five dollars each in Police court yesterday morning."

#50 Hudson was the address of Carrie Parshall, to whom Minnie owed $ upon Minnie's death. The year after Minnie died, someone died in the building of natural causes and was buried in Potter's field. (Does this tell us the address attracted poor people? Women of the night?)

At this address on Nov. 28, 1895, as printed in the next day's Times-Union: "Free for all Fight. One of the Participants Stabbed -- The Examination in Court. There was a birthday party at Josey Cramer's, No. 50 Hudson avenue, last evening. Among those who called to wish the hostess long life and happiness were B. Anthony Evans, aged 31 years, married and ... John Lyons, John Lyman and Theodore Cramer, Josey's brother-in-law. Two of Josey's boarders Irene Hadley and Rena Moore, were also present. A turkey dinner had been prepared and a keg of beer was placed in the kitchen to drown the bird. As the lager was free, all the guests insisted on drinking many times and the keg soon ran dry, but the participants in the feast were mellow and hilarious. Suddenly there was a free for all fight and dishes, chairs and fists were flying through the air. Lyman struck Evans, and Cramer who came to his assistance, was hit in the eye and went down. He picked himself up and made his exit. Evans received a knife thrust in the left leg and accused Lyman of the act. After the participants had separated Evans, who was very intoxicated, was assisted to a near-by saloon where Dr. Colbert dressed his wounds. Sergeant Becket with Patrolmen ... visted the house and took in custody Josey, Theodore and Lyons. At the station house Evans insisted that Lyman did the cutting. Lyman, Irene and Rena escaped from the house before the police made the raid...."

Also in 1897 (?)(same year as Josey's party) is this article from the Albany Morning Express: "James Boyle, 24 years old, was arrested by Officers Lawton and Gorman, late last night, charged with an assault on Grace McAuley, of No. 50 Hudson avenue. The woman claimed that Boyle came into the house and after abusing her kicked her in the stomach."

In March, 1899, a traveling salesman apparently living here hanged himself in a kitchen.

In the 1930s and '40s, it was a tavern, the "Tally-Ho," with the "hottest floor show in town" according to the Albany Times Union. It was a rescue mission for many years, including 1969.

10-16-16 -- Through Facebook>New York State Genealogy>Pat Carey says they have "horrible microfilms" of death info (certs?) at the Albany county hall of records on Tivoli street - free parking.


Looked online thru Ancestry at Albany city directory 1894. Not under Hagerty, Haggerty, Hea anything, Heg anything. There are a few Shannons, but none with a familiar first name. First names are Andrew, Angelina, Emmet, Frank, Jennie, John E., John H., Joseph, Michael, Philip, and Robert. I also don't see a Parkhurst or a Sweetnam/Sweetman connection (none with that last name listed), and no funeral homes listed in directory but there are 34 undertakers. Cemeteries listed are Albany Rural, Beth Emeth (Jewish, I presume); St. Agnes, St. John's, and St. Mary's and St. Joseph's -- all part of st. agnes.

I did find on someone's Flicker account a photo of a Quaker Meeting house on Plain St. in 1892.
Mike says Plain Street was changed to Green St.

Asked Tony Opalka at Albany Library (historian) if I am missing any other available sources. He looked in 1893, 92, and 91 city directories but she doesn't appear. Some of those directories are not currently available online. There are some Shannons, he implied, but not a William, and no Minnies. He suggested I call Albany vital records, hope to get a different person on the phone than I did last time, and ask how to go about getting a copy of the death cert.

I can't find her in either NY or IL in 1890. I looked under Hea, Hag, & Heg spellings.

On, I can find a "Minnie Hagerty" living in Rochester in their 1888-91 city directory. It says she boards at 85 Spencer, occupation fitter, year was 1888, 1889, and also in 1890 in the city of Rochester. The only way this could be she is if she left her husband & moved to Rochester when her husband was living in Chicago. There is also a "James B. Hagerty" there in 1888-89, a carpenter living at 37 Mashall (sic), Rochester.

I found a Minnie Haggarty living with a Susie Haggarty in Rochester, NY in 1892. In the New York State Census in 1892, she's listed as Minnie "Haggarty", age 26, born in the U.S., and occupied as a shoemaker, and Susie Haggerty, age 18, is a clerk. This must not be our person because if Susie were a sister, she wouldn't share the same last name. We don't know if James had a sister, or one named Susie. A James Shannon also on board, age 21.


In the 1880 census, she's listed as "doing housework."

Checked all of 1892 New York census, images avail. from FamilySearch online.


Checked Albany NY Evening Journal boolean searches on for the following: 1894 Parshall, 1 Plain,
Sweetman, Sweatman, Charles Wait, Charles E Wait (sic), Carrie Parshall, Albany NY Evening Journal and Heagerty, Hegarty, Hegerty,


"The only exception would be if you believe a patient was buried in one of our cemeteries. If so, then with appropriate family linkage documentation, including birth and death certificates, we could provide you with information on the individual's burial site. Requests should be sent to John Allen, Consumer Affairs, NYS Office of Mental Health, 44 Holland Avenue, Albany, NY 12229. --" It was John Allen who told me there were no mental health facilities in Albany in 1896. He may be correct. I find that there was an Almshouse/Poorhouse that housed the "insane" together with the indigent. There exist microfilm rolls of listings of who was living at the almshouse/poorhouse in Albany for the period of 1875-1920. They can be ordered thru interlibrary loan, held at the NY state archives in Albany. The contact person is Bill Gorman at (518) 474-8955 or email at They're referred to as Series A1978 and we'd need rolls 1-6 for the county of Albany. I need to try this. The blank form was very extensive in the information available for capture. Microfilm rolls are chronological.


Called Oswego City Court 2-20-2015 on advice of Edward at Oswego Public Library. (315)343-0415. They said they don't have records going back that far about what happened in court. They suggested I call county records office at (315) 349-8460. (Also tried (315) 349-8621, county clerk. Forget that!) County records suggested I contact Justin White at -- write then call next week. Here's what I wrote: Hi Justin.

Do you know if court records exist from 1890? My great great grandmother took her husband to court (apparently!) for spousal abuse in the city of Oswego in that year. My evidence is a newspaper report from the Oswego Times of September 9, 1890. So my first question is: 1. Do the records still exist? 2. Is there a way to access them, and how would I go about doing that? I live in Illinois. I would love to see what happened to her. Her name was Minnie Shannon Hegarty. Her husband was James Hegarty/Heagerty. I've been in touch with you before, but it's been a long time. "

Reply from Justin and my response back:
Hi Justin!

I don't know the name of the court except that the article identifies it as "Police Court." Is that helpful? Here is the article. Maybe you can tell from the judge's name which court he belonged to. My end goal is to find where she's buried. Thank you for any help.

Then I copied the article from the Oswego paper telling of the beating. Justin answered again:

Hi Ellen,

The police would have brought the defendant to the Recorder's Court. Those records are at the Oswego City Clerk's Office archives in the Oswego City Hall. If you are interested in finding out what information there might be in the Recorder's Court dockets, you can contact the that office and find out what the process is for looking up that record.

Do you know when about Minnie Shannon Heagerty died? I can try to see if I can find a location of burial. Also, did she have a given name other than Minnie?


2-26-15 -- Sent the following letter via fax


Good morning, Oswego!

I would like to make a request for information concerning a case of domestic abuse. I would like any and all information regarding the case. The incident was reported in the Oswego Daily Times on Sept. 9, 1890. The defendant in the case was James Heagerty and his wife's name was Minnie Heagerty. (The spelling of the last name can vary.) The incident occurred in the city of Oswego, Oswego County, NY.
I was told the records would be found in the Recorder's Court records, and that those records are kept at the Oswego City Clerk's office in the Oswego City Hall.
Here is the wording of the newspaper article, if this helps.
Sept. 9, 1890 -- "Police Court. Before Hon. C.N. Bulger, Recorder. Sept. 8; Saturday night there was a tremendous row at the house of James Heagerty, a middle aged man, who lives on Hart street, and who, on several occasions, has figured in police court on charges of assault, generally on his wife, and who was not long ago, held to bail to await the action of the grand jury on a charge of assaulting a German neighbor with a ball club. The quarrel Saturday night between himself and wife culminated in an assault upon her and her screams brought out a large crowd. When the police came they found the woman with a bad contused wound on the forehead and subsequently it was discovered that she had several other cuts on the head, and that she was bruised about the body. Heagerty was taken to the police station and gave bail in the sum of $1,000. This morning he cooly admitted that he had whipped his wife, but did not think she was much injured. As he wanted time to get counsel, an adjournment was granted until Thursday and the bail taken Saturday night was continued."

My email is <>. My name is Ellen Woods, address is 15951 Thunderbird Ct., Bloomington, IL 61705.
Thank you for your time.

3-4-15 -- Received this answer:
> Ms. Woods,
> We have searched our records and were able to find the arrest reports for the person requested. There was no court records available. If you would like to obtain the arrest documents you would need to mail a Money Order in the amount of $1.00 payable to Oswego City Clerk. The information requested will be mailed to the address indicated when payment is received in our office.
> The payment may be mailed to:
> Oswego City Clerk
> 13 West Oneida Street
> Oswego, New York 13126
> If you have any questions regarding this matter please contact our office at or 315-342-8116.
> Sincerely,
> Gina Gunther
> Senior Account Clerk

The arrest record only shows the following, according to Gina: "The arrest report shows the date, charge, and plea not much other information is provided." Because of this, I didn't send in my $1.00 money order. I don't know where the court records are or if they exist.

3-12-15 -- My next letter to Gina: "Thank you, Gina!

Now, the next questions I have for you are:

Do the court records exist, and if so, where are they?
How would I access them?
If they don't exist, what happened to them?

Thank you for your time."

3-12-15 -- Gina's reply:
Ms. Woods,

Unfortunately, we do not have the court records for the incident. We do have some records from that time period and they are preserved here in City Hall, however, the records that you are in search of are not in our possession. We have searched the records in our possession and are unable to find the court record.

Gina Gunther

Next letter 3-16-15:

Hi Gina!

OK, I understand you don't have the records I'm looking for. Do you know where they are? Do they exist? Again, I'm looking to read the outcome of the trial in Police Court of James Heagerty who whipped his wife and left her badly injured. The date explaining the court proceedings in the Oswego Daily Times is on Sept. 10, 1890. I don't find the outcome of the trial. According to the newspaper, they had been before police court several times before on assault charges stemming from his abuse of her.

Two days before this trial, the same James Heagerty beat his neighbor Frederick Ott over the head with a baseball bat. Again, this was reported in the Oswego Times, this one being on July 9, 1890. Again, no results of the grand jury trial were printed in the paper. (The grand jury trial for this case was still incomplete on September 8, 1890.) I'm mostly interested in the abuse cases of his wife, however.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


3-17-15 response

Ms. Woods,

Unfortunately, we do not have the records you are searching for. Some Records Court Records are here in City Hall. If they are not in our possession we do not know of the location or if they are still in existence. I am sorry that we are unable to assist you further in your search for the documents.

Gina Gunther
Senior Account Clerk


To see what happened to the home she owned in Oswego, the property tax office can trace the ownership for a fee. (315) 349-8315. But in effect, we know who got the house -- see the probate records. Or see events for Minnie. Or ask the meaning of the Grantee Index listing shown below.
I checked the Deeds (avail. at FamilySearch>New York>Land Records, 1630-1975>Deeds 1893-1894 and> Deeds 1894-1895>1895>1895-1896. Also Grantee index 1890-1895 A-Z. In the land records' Grantee Index (image 218/567) the final entry on the page is dated 1894 (year estate went to probate), Minnie W. Heagerty is shown as Grantee and DeLeon F. Hall was the Grantor. "Libr." (a column heading meaning Volume 217) is shown as number 217, page is 275. I found where she purchased the house on Ellen St. under New York, Land Records, 1630-1975>Oswego>Deeds 1894-1895 vol 217-218, image 285/1139. Woot woot! Copy printed out and in Shannon file. Looked in New York, Land Records, 1630-1975>Oswego>Grantor index 1890-1895 A-Z. Look on either pg. 322 or 345 for Heagerty. On Image 186/531 I see 1895 Minnie "Haggerty, et al as grantor to John S. Trumbull, grantee. Volume 220, page 536. This is a wrong Minnie; see below. On Image 198/531, I see 1894 James & Minnie W. "Heagerty" listed as Grantors, DeLeon F. Hall as Grantee, volume 217, page 274. (Same as above, only the grantor/grantee names are switched.) Found sale of house James and Minnie W. Heagerty, by Sheriff to James Heagerty, Vol. 221, page 560.


I called the New York State Office of Mental Health because if she were to have died in a mental health facility in NY state, the state wouldn't release the facts related to her death unless I can prove my relationship to Minnie with a death cert and a lineage that I would provide. I left a message & heard back on 2-20-15. The fact that her death cert couldn't be found in Albany isn't because those types of records are being held by the mental health facility. The man that called back (Anthony?) said Albany didn't have a mental health facility in the 1890s. I told him Minnie owed $ to a doctor at St. Peter's, but he said that hospital didn't have mental health services then. I asked if she had epilepsy, would that count as a mental health thing, and he said no. (A theory of mine only because the hospital served epileptics, among others of course.) I could send in all my info (lineages, proof of no death cert on file, copy of probate record that shows day & place of death), and they would check to see if they have anything for her, but there's no guarantee anything would come of it. This didn't sound hopeful, given we know she died in Albany.


(date unknown, found on Miss Mary Heagerty, a former well-known resident of Oswego ...daughter of the late James and Rose Heagerty, prominent First Ward residents. Her father operated fruit stores in East Bridge and West Bridge streets... educated in St. Mary's parochial school ... was a communicant of St. Mary's Catholic church in which she always retained a great interest.

10-14-1890 -- Obit - Mrs. Mary Heagerty, wife of Jeremiah Heagerty, ...born in Ireland, her maiden name being Mary Donovan. She leaves ... six children. Funeral ... from St. Paul's.

6-1894 -- See under Events where a Minnie Heagerty and her father, Cornelius Sullivan were disputing about some property. This was in Oswego.

9-23-1894 -- The wrong "Mary Heagerty" died in Oswego. She was single, age 30, daughter of ...? and Margaret Heagerty.

There is a deed in 1895, vol. 220, image 1121/1147 that shows a Minnie "Haggerty" deeding her water rights to a neighbor. This Minnie lived in Oswego County but in the town of Richland. The deed is dated 9-25-1895 (after the correct Minnie's death).


In Ancestry, I did a search of burial cards. I tried a search with no name(s), death date of Mar 6, 1894 with "exact" chosen. Got 5,394 hits. Why? Last time I got 2 hits - Anna somebody and a man named John. If I put in Albany, then I get just these 2 people. If I add "Mary" and leave location blank I get zero hits. In looking at alpha listing of all records beginning with Hag (Hae...), I gave up around Hal. Shannon also checked.


bullet  Noted events in her life were:

Alt. Name: MARY, 1875. 707 She's listed as Mary. However, daughter Ursella's name is spelled "Oscelane".

Immigration. Many Irish immigrants arrived via the US through Canada to avoid the trouble and delay of US immigrant inspection. No records were kept of these arrivals until 1894.

I can't clearly find any record of her arrival from Ireland, so she may very well have arrived via Canada.

Residence, 1 Jun 1875, Oswego, Oswego County, NY. 707 Living in this house are Fred & Matilda Oot (German), James "Hagerty", wife Mary, and daughter "Oscelane." The house is made of plank, valued at $2,000. Oscelane was born in Oswego. James has not been naturalized and is listed as an alien. The Oots can only read and write German.

Residence, 1 Jun 1880, 184 Ellen Street, Oswego, Oswego, NY. 25,127 Living here were James "Hagerty" wife Minnie, daughter Ursula, sons Herbert and John. But listed as borders are William and "Margh" Shannon. William is listed as the same age as Minnie. Could that have been a (twin) brother of hers? "Irish" twins? William worked in the starch factory, as did James. William and Minnie are listed as 26, and Marg. is 24. (I do find a William and a Margaret Shannon having arrived in NY on 8-17-1878 on the ship the Germanic from Ireland. William is listed as b. in 1854, and so is Margaret. William is a laborer, and Margaret is a wife. They sailed in steerage.)Also living on Ellen Street (60 Ellen) is Wm. E. Shannon, age 58 and his wife Marcia, age 53. William was a carpenter. William was born in Connecticut, and Marcia was born in NY. I don't know if the 2 families are connected, other than the Shannon last name. Did they go to Chicago with Minnie and James Herbert?
In 1877, there is a William Shannon working as a laborer with his home on W. Erie near 10th. A William jr. is a fireman and boards at the same address -- W. Erie near 10th. I can assume they're father/son. Other Shannons include David G., John, and Rebecca (a domestic).

Residence, Oct 1889, 184 Ellen Street, Oswego, Oswego, New York. 709

In the News: Abuse by her husband, 9 Sep 1890, Oswego, Oswego County, NY. 339 Sept. 9, 1890 -- "Police Court. Before Hon. C.N. Bulger, Recorder. Sept. 8; Saturday night there was a tremendous row at the house of James Heagerty, a middle aged man, who lives on Hart street, and who, on several occasions, has figured in police court on charges of assault, generally on his wife, and who was not long ago, held to bail to await the action of the grand jury on a charge of assaulting a German neighbor with a ball club. The quarrel Saturday night between himself and wife culminated in an assault upon her and her screams brought out a large crowd. When the police came they found the woman with a bad contused wound on the forehead and subsequently it was discovered that she had several other cuts on the head, and that she was bruised about the body. Heagerty was taken to the police station and gave bail in the sum of $1,000. This morning he cooly admitted that he had whipped his wife, but did not think she was much injured. As he wanted time to get counsel, an adjournment was granted until Thursday and the bail taken Saturday night was continued."

In the News: Abuse by her husband, 11 Sep 1890, Oswego, Oswego County, NY. 339 Around Sept. 11, 1890 -- "The Heagerty Case" -- "In regard to Mrs. James Heagerty, who is claimed to have been badly injured by her husband. Dr. Bulger, who attended, said to-day that the woman had not left her bed and was very nervous and excited, although her injuries were not of a dangerous character. Complaint is also made by Mrs. Heagerty, that her husband is not providing for her and that she has no money to purchase medicine or food. There appears to be unhappy relations between husband and wife as aside from their quarrels, both are regarded as estimable people. It is hoped their difficulties will be arranged in an amicable manner."

Sept. 11, 1890 -- "Police Court. Before Hon. C.N. Bulger, Recorder. -- The case of James Heagerty who is charged with refusing to support his family, was called this morning. Mr. Heagerty stated that he has never at any time refused to support his family and was now ready to do so. They had a pass book at a good grocery and could get anything they needed there. He also said there was plenty of wood and that a fourteen-year-old boy who was at home ought to be able to cut it. At the same time, he was willing to send them coal if they wanted it and would provide necessary medicine. Mr. Heagerty says that he has had a great deal to contend with and asks that the public suspend judgment until they know the facts in the case." [That 14 year old boy would be James Herbert] In March, 2015, I contacted Oswego to find out what the outcome of the trial was. They have some records, but this one is missing.

Residence, 27 Sep 1890, Ellen Street, Oswego, Oswego, NY. 713 Below is the wording for the deeding of the house on Ellen Street to Minnie Heagerty, 1890. The entire deed is, like all deeds of the period, handwritten. Where the writing is unclear, I've added a question mark. Note that the names shown directly below were written in a drawn box which sits among the rest of the text and does include Minnie's name, unlike the long blank for the insertion of her name in the text, which was never amended. The date of this deed is sixteen days after the appearance in the local paper of the story about James Heagerty's beating of Minnie and her claim that he wasn't supporting her.

DeLeon F. Hall. To Minnie W. Heagerty

This endenture, made this twenty-seventh day of September in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and ninety between DeLeon F. Hall of Oswego City, N.Y. of the first part and Minnie W. Heagerty of the same place of the second part, witnesseth that the said party of the first part in consideration of the sum of five hundred dollars, ($500.00) is him (?) duly paid, hath sold, and by these presents doth grant and convey to the said party of the second part, her heirs and assigns, all that tract or parcel of land, situate in the city of Oswego, County of Oswego, and State of New York, known and described as Subdivision Lot Five (5) of (?) Forty (40) of the Varick Tract, Subdivided for Wm Drier in 1868. Said subdivision Five being bounded north by the southerly line of Ellen Street, west by the easterly line of Hart Street; south by the subdivision four (4) and East by Subdivision Six. Said Subdivision Five being Sixty-six (66) feet eight (8) inches in width front and rear and one hundred and forty (140) feet in depth. Being the same premises deeded to party of first part by Jas. Heagerty and wife Sept. 27, 1890 and his deed is for the purpose of passing title from James Heagerty to ________ Heagerty, his wife, With the appurtenances, and all the estate, title, and interest therein of the said party of the first part. And the said DeLeon F. Hall party of the first part doth hereby covenant and agree to and with the said party of the second part, her heirs and assigns that the premises thus conveyed in the quiet and peaceable possession of the said party of the second part her heirs and assigns the will forever warrant and deferred(?), against any person whomsoever lawfully claiming the same, or any part thereof as against any acts on his, the said DeLeon F. Hall's part. In witness whereof, the party of the first part hast hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year first above written. DeLeon F. Hall.
Sealed and Delivered in Presence of
State of New York, County of Oswego, City of Oswego, S.S. On this 27th day of September in the year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety before me, the subscriber personally appeared DeLeon F. Hall. To me known to be the same person described in and who executed the within instrument, and he acknowledged that he executed the same.
W.J. Penitbow(?) Clerk F.E. Hamilton Notary Public. Os. Co.

In the News: City Tax Sale, 20 Jun 1893. 339 Block 16, lot 41, e 1/2: $50.40: assessed to heirs Mary Heagerty.

Then from the Palladium 7-2-1891 -- Block 16 lot 41e 1/2 $50.63 assessed to Mary Heagerty.

Both were listed under the category of "Original Village Blocks." Is this her property? Local resident Jeremiah Heagerty's wife was also named Mary. Her obit was printed 10-14-1890. It says she was born Mary Donovan in Ireland, and that she's buried in St. Paul's.
More Mary Heagerty real estate transactions: Mary Haegery to J.L. Matteson, January 7, 1890, part lot 11 block I: city, $300.

Death, 6 Mar 1894, Albany, Albany, NY. 717 Her brother Thomas was cremated. Since I can't find a place of death for her, was she cremated as well? If she had a funeral, does that mean she wasn't cremated?
I've learned that if a person died in a hospital or some other public facility, they would be much more likely to have a death cert on file. Perhaps this means she died elsewhere.

In the News: For sister Eliza Parkhurst, 8 Mar 1894, Oswego, Oswego County, NY. 340 Two days after her death, this was printed in the Daily Palladium 3-8-1894, filler on p. 3. "Mr. C. Rounds, Buffalo, was a guest at William Parkhurst's part of last week." THIS they print, but no mention of Minnie's death in her adopted town where she lived for years. Why?

Probate, 21 Jul 1894-24 Sep 1894, Albany, Albany, NY. 7 Below is the wording of six documents along with several of my notes which I've separated by using capital letters and located between documents. Adjudicated in the Surrogate's Court, Oswego County even though the papers say she died in Albany. FamilySearch says "Disputes over an estate are handled by the surrogate's courts."
Names of people shown in documents below:
Charles E. Davis - administrator of estate, Physician, politican
Anthime W. LaRose - government worker?
George A. Hubbard - banker
Charles Wait - night watchman
Carrie Parshall - ran boarding house

Document 1

Know All Men by these Presents:
That we, Charles E. Davis of the city of Albany N.Y. as principal, and Anthime W. La Rose and George A. Hubbard as sureties, are held and firmly bound, unto the people of the State of New York, in the sum of one thousand dollars, lawful money of the United States of America, to be paid to the said people: To which payment, well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our and each of our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals. Dated the 7th day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety-four.
THE CONDITION OF THE ABOVE OBLIGATION IS SUCH, That if the above bounden Charles E. Davis administrator of all and singular the goods, chattels and credits of Minnie Heagerty, late of the city of Oswego, in the county of Oswego, New York, deceased, shall faithfully discharge the trust reposed in him as such, and obey all lawful decrees and orders of the Surrogate's Court of the county of Oswego, New York, touching the administration of the estate of said deceased committed to him, then this obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue. In PRESENCE OF (signatures) Chas. E. Davis, G.A. Hubbard, Anthime W. LaRose.
STATE OF NEW YORK, County of Oswego. Anthime W. La Rose and George A. Hubbard, the surities named in the within bond, being duly sworn, each of himself doth depose and say: The said Anthime W. LaRose says that he is a resident of, and a freeholder in the State of New York, and is worth in good property the sum of one thousand dollars over all the debts and liabilities which he owes or has incurred, and exclusive of property exempt by law from levy and sale under an execution. And the said George A. Hubbard says that he is a resident of and a freeholder in the State of New York, and is worth in good property the sum one thousand dollars over all the debts and liabilities he owes or has incurred, and exclusive of property exampt by law from levy and sale under an execution. (signed) G.A. Hubbard, Anthime W. La Rose

Major ANTHIME W. LAROSE appears in the "Manual for the Use of the Legislature of the State of New York in 1893". He was to be assistant quartermaster in the Third Brigade N.G., N.Y. He is also found in 1903 (found in "Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York, Vol. II, Appendix 'AA' To Major-General Charles F. Roe's Report, Report of Commanding Officer Third Brigade on the Field Service of His Command."

Document 2

Surrogate's Court: Oswego County. In the Matter of the Application of Charles E. Davis, Administrator &c. of Minnie Heagerty, deceased, for the disposition of the Real property of deceased for payment of her debts.
To the Surrogate's Court of the said County of Oswego:
The petition of Charles E. Davis, respectfully shows:
I. That your petitioner resides at No. 90 1/2 Hudson Avenue, in the city of Albany, N.Y., and is sole administrator of the estate of Minnie Heagerty, deceased, late of the city of Oswego, N.Y.
II. That on or about the 6th day of March, 1894, the said Minnie Heagerty died at the city of Albany, N.Y., and your petitioner was thereupon duly appointed administrator of the goods, chattels and credits of said Minnie Heagerty, by an order duly made by Hon. Francis David, Oswego County Surrogate, on the 24th day of September, 1894.
III. That your petitioner duly qualified as such administrator and that Letters of Administration were, on the said last mentioned day issued to your petitioner, who thereupon entered upon the discharge of his duties as said administrator, which letters still remain in force.
IV. That at the time of her death, the said decedent was indebted to Charles E. Davis, your petitioner, in the sum of seventy-eight and 50/100 dollars for medical services, and to Mrs. Carrie Parshall of Albany, N.Y., in the sum of one hundred and eighty-three and 50/100 dollars, for board and room rent; that the expenses of the funeral of the decedent, amounting to ninety-one and 32/100 dollars, were paid by Charles E. Wait of Albany, N.Y., and that before the issuing of the said Letters of Administration to your petitioner the said claims of Mrs. Carrie Parshall and Charles E. Wait were in good faith sold and assigned to said Charles E. Davis and that said Davis is now the owner and holder of said claim; That the total amount of the claim of said Charles E. Davis against the estate of said decedent is thus three hundred and fifty-three dollars and thirty-two cents; That, upon diligent enquiry, this is the only claim against the estate of the said decedent that has come to the knowledge of your petitioner.
And on information and belief,
V. That, so far as your petitioner has been able to ascertain upon diligent inquiry, there are no other creditors or persons claiming to be creditors or holding or claiming to hold a lien by judgment docketed against decedent before her decease.
VI. That at the time of said decedent's death, she was the owner of certain real estate in the city of Oswego, N.Y., described as follows:
All that tract or parcel of land situated in the city of Oswego, N.Y., county of Oswego and State of New York, known and described as Subdivision lot five, of lot forty of the Varick tract, subdivided for Wm. Duer in 1869; said sub-division five being bounded north by the southerly line of Ellen Street, west by the easterly line of Hart Street, south by sub-division four, and east by sub-division sixteen; said subdivision five being sixty-six feet eight inches in width front and rear and one hundred and forty feet in depth; that the said real estate is improved property having a dwelling house thereon, that it is now occupied in whole or in part, the name or names of the occupant or occupants being unknown to your petitioner; that the value of the said property is about one thousand dollars; that there are two mortgages upon the said property, one of five hundred dollars and the other of two hundred dollars; that there is also a lien against the said property amounting to eleven dollars and seventy-seven cents and interest thereon, at 12 per cent, from July 1894, said lien being for Oswego city taxes for 1893, and there is a further lien against said property amounting to eight dollars and ninety-one cents, said lien being for unpaid Oswego city taxes for 1894.
VII. That the names of the husband and the heirs of the said decedent are as follows:
Name Relationship Residence.
James Heagerty, Husband, 366 State St. Chicago, Ill.
Herbert Heagerty, Son 366 State St. Chicago, Ill.
That the said Herbert Heagerty is an infant who will be nineteen years of age in November next and has no general guardian.
VIII. That no personal property of said decedent has come to the hands of your petitioner except a few articles of wearing apparel found in a trunk at the former boarding place of decedent in the city of Albany, and that the value of said articles is merely nominal at most not to exceed five dollars. That your petitioner has made diligent enquiry, but has been unable to discover any other personal property belonging to the decedent.
IX. That no previous application has been made for a decree authorizing the disposition of the real property of said decedent for payment of her debts or funeral expenses.
WHEREFORE your petitioner prays that a decree be made directing the disposition of the said real property of said decedent, or so much thereof as may be necessary for the payment of her debts and funeral expenses; and that the said James Heagerty, and Herbert Heagerty and all creditors of the said decedent be cited to show cause why such a decree should not be made. (signed) Chas. E. Davis
State of New York
City and County of Albany

Document 3 --

Surrogate's Court, Oswego County, NY
To the Surrogat'es Court of the said County of Oswego:

The petition of Charles E. Davis, residing at No. 91 1/2 Hudson Avenue, in the city and county of Albany, in the state of New York, respectfully shows:
I. That Minnie Heagerty late of the city of Oswego, in the said county of Oswego, died in the said city of Albany, on or about the sixth day of March, 1894.
II. That your petitioner has made diligent search and inquiry for a last Will and Testament of said decedent and has not found any or obtained any information that she left any, and that to the best of your petitioner's knowledge information and belief, the said decedent died without leaving a Will.
III. That said decedent was at the time of her decease a resident of said county of Oswego.
IV. That the following named persons, as far as they are known to or can be ascertained by your petitioner with due diligence, are the only next of kin and husband of the said decedent, her surviving, and their relationship, and places of residence are as follows:
Name Relationship Residence
James Heagerty Husband, 366 State St. Chicago, Ill.
Herbert Heagerty Son 366 State St. Chicago, Ill.
Mary Shannon Mother, Lissacharig, [MY NOTE: PROBABLY SHOULD BE LISSACLARIG] County of Cork Ireland
Thomas W. Shannon, Brother, 259 Adams St., Rochester, NY
Mrs. Jane German Sister 126 Tallman St., Oswego, N.Y.
Richard Shannon, Brother, Chicago, Ill.
John Shannon Brother, 366 State St., Chicago, Ill.
Ann Sweetnam Sister 117 Erie Street, Oswego, N.Y.
Ellen Wills Sister, Keelbronogue, County of Cork, Ireland
Hester Salter Sister, Reelganoga, County of Cork, Ireland
Philip Shannon Brother Lissacharig, County of Cork, Ireland
Eliza Parkhurst Sister 59 Varick Street Oswego, N.Y.

That as your petitioner is informed and verily believes all of the above named persons are of full age excepting Herbert Heagerty, will will be 18 years of age in November next.
V. That your petitioner is a creditor of said decedent.
VI. That no right of action exists granted to the administrator of the estate of said decedent by special provision of law.
VII. That the value of all the personal property, wherever situated, of which the decedent died possessed does not exceed five hundred dollars.
WHEREFORE your petitioner prays for a decree awarding Letters of Administration upon the estate of said decedent, to your petitioner and that such persons having a right to such letters prior or equal to that of your petitioner, as this court may direct, be cited to show cause why such a decree should not be made, and that all such process and proceedings may be had and taken in this proceeding, to the end that Letters of Administration be granted upon the estate of said decedent as the law may require.
Dated at Albany, N.Y., this 21st day of July, 1894.

Document 4
Surrogate's Court -- County of Oswego
In the matter of the application for Letters of Administration Upon the Estate of Minnie Heagerty Deceased.
County of Albany, ss:
Charles E. Davis being duly sworn, says: he is the petitioner herein. That the above-named decedent died on the sixth day of March 1894.
The estimated value of the real property in this States, of which said decedent died seized, is thirteen hundred dollars.
The estimated value of the personal property of which said decedent died possessed, is less than five hundred dollars.
The names of the heirs at law and next of kin of said decedent, their places of residence, and relationship to the decedent, as as follows:
Herbert Heagerty 366 State St. Chicago, Ill. Son
James Heagerty 366 State St. Chicago, Ill. Husband
[then on the next page lists the next of kin as shown in what I've termed Document 1, above.]
Sworn to before me this 8th day of September 1894 Chas. E. Davis
Jos. A. Lawson Notary Public Albany Co., N.Y.

DOCUMENT 5 -- from Ancestry's New York, Wills & Probate Records, 1659-1999 for Minnie E Heagerty

The People of the State of New York:
To Charles E. Davis send Greeting:
Whereas, Minnie E. (with several cross-out lines drawn through the E) Heagerty as is alleged, lately died intestate, being at or immediately previous to her death, an inhabitant of, or having left assets where were or have since come within the county of Oswego, by means whereof the ordering and granting administration of all and and singular the goods, chattels and credits of which the said intestate died possessed, and also the auditing, allowing and final discharging the account thereof, do belong unto our Surrogate of the county of Oswego; and we being desirous that the goods, chattles and credits of the said intestate shall be well and faithfully administered, applied and disposed of do grant unto you, the said Charles E Davis full power, by these presents, to administer and faithfully dispose of all and singular said goods, chattles and credits; to ask, demand, recover and receive the debts which unto the said intestate, whilst living, and at the time of her death, did belong; and to pay the debts which the said intestate did owe ass far as such goods, chattles and credits will thereto extend, and the law requires; hereby requiring you to make, or cause to be made, a true and perfect inventory of all and singluar the goods, chattles and credits of the said intestate, within a reasonable time, and to return a duplicate thereof to our Surrogate of the county of Oswego, within three months of the date of these presents; and if further personal property or assets of any kind not mentioned in any inventory that shall have been so made, shall come to your possession or knowledge, to make or cause to be made, in like manner, a true and perfect inventory thereof, within two months after discovery thereof.
And we do by these presents, Depute, constitute and appoint you, the said Charles E Davis Administrator of all and singluar the goods, chattles and credits which were of the said Minnie E (with, again, several cross-outs) Heagerty, deceased.
In Testimony Whereof, We have caused the seal of our said Surrogate's Court to be hereunto affixed. Witness, FRANCIS DAVID, Surrogate of said county, at the village of Phoenix, in said county, the 24th day of September in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety four. (signed) F. David, Surrogate.

Document 6

From Ancestry, NY, Wills & Probate Records, 1659-1999
At a Surrogate's Court held in and for the County of Oswego, at the Surrogate's office in the Village of Phoenix in said County on the 24th day of Sept. AD, 1894
Present, F. David Surrogate
In the Matter of the Administration of the Goods, Chattels and Credits of Minnie Heagerty Deceased.
On reading and filing the petition of Chas E. Davis the Creditor of Minnie Heagerty late of the City of Oswego in the County of Oswego, deceased, intestate, praying that letters of administration of the goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased be granted to Chas E. Davis and on reading and filing the bond executed by the said Chas E. Davis, with two competent sureties, pursuant to the statute, and this Court being satisfied that the said Chas. E. Davis in all respects competent to act as administrator of the goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased.
It is Ordered, that the prayer of the said petition be granted, and that letters of administration issue to Chas E. Davis in pursuance thereof. (signed) F. David, Surrogate
SIDE NOTE: A Charles Davis (same one?) of Albany was charged with murder of May Shannon of Cohoes in 1895 (trial in Albany, September, 1895, reported in Oswego NY Daily Palladium).

Probate. I didn't find any evidence of any probate paperwork for Mrs. Hegarty within Ancestry 12/15.

In the News: Real Estate Transfers, 26 Jun 1894. 339 "Mary Heagerty to Cornelius Sullivan, land in the Eighth ward, city, June 11th, 1894, being lot No. 533 in sub No. 28, lots 1 and 2 Hamilton Gere, $200.

Could this be Minnie's house? A later paper indicates it was a family dispute between "Mrs. Heagerty" who lives in the first ward, and Cornelius Sullivan, her father. They shared a home on East Fifth st.


Minnie married James Hegarty, son of Unknown and Unknown, in 1873 in Schull, Cork, Ireland. (James Hegarty was born about 1851 in Ireland,25 died on 26 May 1898 in Chicago, Cook , IL, USA 701 and was buried on 30 May 1898 in Riverside Cemetery, Scriba, , NY 63,421,702.)

bullet  Marriage Notes: shows a James Hegarty marrying a Minnie Shannon in Schull, (An Scoil) Cork, Ireland in 1872. If they married in Schull, website shows that those original marriage records should be "held by the Representative Church Body Library, Churchtown, Dublin 14." +353 1 492 3979 Closed weekends, open M-F 9:30 a.m. to 1 pm and then opens again from 2-5 p.m. Aghadown records of baptisms, marriages, and burials were burned in 1922. Burials after 1881 should exist. Marriages after 1840 should exist. Baptisms after 1881 for Derry and after 1765 for Cork should exist.

I used to believe they were married in NY rather than Ireland because Minnie shows up in the 1880 census as living with her parents in New Haven, Oswego County, NY... same one? Now I suspect not.

"Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes 1845-1958," Index, FamilySearch.
Also shows up in Ireland Marriages 1845-1958 Transcription via but no new info. Same info as above.

Were they married in the Catholic church, or the Church of Ireland? Don't know, but process of elimination says C of I because if it's right that they were married in Schull, their names should be in the Catholic marriages books for either Schull East or Schull West, and they're not there.

Through, I looked at the Catholic Parish Registers at the National Library of Ireland for the time period of this marriage in Schull West and they're not listed although I see other Hegartys listed (the record spans multiple years.) Don't see any Shannons. Names I see are Michael, Maria, Bridget, Mary, Ellen, & Kate Hegarty; lots of Donovans, and other names I see and recognize are Regan, Minihane, Cullinan, and Driscoll.

Through the National Library of Ireland website, I looked at the Catholic Parish Registers for the time period of this marriage in Schull East. Names I recognize are Sweetnam, Heg's include a Timothy, John (whose father was John but town is unreadable but not Ballydehob,) Mary (whose father was William from Ballydehob) and Margaret(from Ballydehob whose father was John), a Margaret whose father is Michael, and a PatrickHegarty from Kaleo?. No Shannons. Much of the writing is so faint that it's illegible. I also looked at Schull West - more unlikely anyway because it's farther away from the Shannon farm. No luck.

I hear (as of 7-1-2017) Minnie Shannon married James Hegarty of Lissanoohig, son of James Hegarty. I find a James Hegarty in Lissanoohig in the Griffith's Valuation for the year 1853. That's County Cork, Barony of Carbery West (East Division), Union of Skibbereen, Parish of Abbeystrowry, Townland of Lissanoohig, Place name of Lissanoohig.
James is the tenant of land owned by Rev. M.F.S. Townsend. I printed Griffith's page and it should be in the file. Also living in Lissanoohig (5 lines above Hegarty is Samuel Swetnam (sic)). No other familiar names on that page. Use map reference 3, sheet 141 to find on map provided. (Go to
Also in 1853, I find a Griffith's Valuation of a James Hegarty as tenant with a landlord of Mortimer Hourihan. This one is in the same barony, union, and parish as stated above, but in the townland of Drummig. Use map reference 4, sheet 141 and also 132 to find its location. I see no dwellings on this T shaped piece of property.

The Hegarty farmhouse in Lissanoohig is about 8 km away from the Shannon farm according to Google maps. The current farmhouse where the Heg. farm used to be may be a newer building.

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