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Ruth Anderson Pfohl

Aubra Linn Radcliff 16,27

  • Born: 26 Mar 1871, Mechanicsburg, , IL, USA 16,27
  • Marriage: Ruth Anderson Pfohl on 7 Jul 1905
  • Died: 14 Oct 1925, Princeton, , IN, USA at age 54 31,170
  • Buried: Princeton, , IN, USA 31

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

Residence, 1 Jun 1880, 43 W. Prairie, Decator, Macon County, Illinois. 25 This is in the heart of downtown. Currently, there is a very old two-story building on the property, commercial downstairs, possibly residential upstairs. (Went & looked 3-2-08)

Travel: Visit to Bloomington, Leroy, and Farmer City, 20 May 1890, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172 "Linn Radcliff, opera house treasurer, got home yesterday from a trip to Bloomington, Leroy, and Farmer City."

Entertainment: sang for July 4 fund raiser, 4 Jul 1891, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 197 The "Bijou Quartet" comprised of Linn, Asa Somerfield, Chas. Nichols, and Charles Hoy, "rendered excellent music on the lawn." About 200 in attendance. Raised $ for the Methodist church.

Entertainment: Participant in a mind-reading exposition, 15 Dec 1891, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172 Linn was one of a group of people on stage. The group was asked to hide a weapon somewhere while the mind reader is back stage & supposedly couldn't see. When he came back to the stage, he chose certain people, stumbled around a bit and then walked with them to the hidden weapons.

Entertainment: Hay ride to Macon, 2 Sep 1893, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 198 Rode to Macon with a group of friends, ate dinner at the Commercial House.

Employment: Jury member, 28 Nov 1893, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 To decide if the death of a two year old boy was accidental. It was.

Entertainment: Led a Grand March at Waltz Reception, 7 Feb 1894, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 Given by the young ladies at Columbia Hall.

Travel: trip to Mechanicsburg, 9 Apr 1894, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172 "Linn Radcliffe made a good trip Sunday, going 25 miles in two hours. He rode to Mechanicsburg in that time, arriving at his uncle's house in time for breakfast. There were no mishaps and after spending the day with his relatives he returned at night, much fatigued, but delighted with the trip."

Entertainment: sang in quartet, 21 Apr 1894, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172 He sang with his quartet partners Ben & Allerton Freeman and Paul Smith for the Women's Relief Corps spelling contest.

Entertainment: Quartet sang at store opening, 18 Jun 1894, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172 Linn, as part of the Acme Quartet (Linn, Elmer Burke, H. and Harlie Wilson) sang at the opening of Phillips & Co. Nearly 2000 people came to the store. It was labeled as quite a success.

Entertainment: Glee club solo for the Republicans, 4 Oct 1894, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172 Linn sang a solo for a Republican event.

Entertainment: Informal Dance, 20 Oct 1894, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172 Eleven guys put on an informal dance at Sedgewick's hall

Entertainment: Glee club performed before Governor, 6 Nov 1894, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172 Sang in front of a group of 2500 Republicans gathered for a meeting. Illinois Governor Oglesby (a Decatur native) and other officials were in attendance. "...Linn Radcliffe, Elmer Birks, Ben and Charles Freeman never sang better; they were roundly cheered," the article reads. "Linn dressed in working clothes and carrying a tin bucket recited "the Penitent's Lament" to which he told with variations what he had learned through his stomach what he couldn't learn with his brains."

Entertainment: Comus Club entertains lady friends with a dance, 1 Feb 1895, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172

Entertainment: A Member of Lucullus Council #1, O.M.A, 7 Feb 1895, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172 He was made a "prince of the orient"

Entertainment: Prompter for a ball at the Guard's Armory, 13 Mar 1895, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172

Occupation: Finds suicide victim, 6 Jun 1895, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 199 "Dead and Buried"
"Saturday evening the police got word by telephone that there was an unknown man lying dead near the Steven's Creek bridge, on the Peoria, Decatur, and Evansville railway, six miles northwest of Decatur and at about the same time Coroner Bendure was notified of the same sensational bit of news. The corner, with Linn Radcliffe for company, drove out to the place designated and after several hours of driving about they found that the Warrensburg party had came (sic) to Decatur on a hand car and had then returned to the bridge. The body was located and was brought to Bullard's [note: see Bullards in Legacy program] undertaking rooms at about 2 a.m. Sunday where the corpse was immediately identified as that of Robert Martin, aged 19, son of Greenberry Martin, the poundmaster. ... " Linn then also served on the jury for the inquest. The man, who was white, killed himself because he was romantically involved with the white wife of a woman married to a negro and a warrant was out for his arrest.

Entertainment: Provided music for party, 22 Jun 1895, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 200 He was part of a 3 man string orchestra that played for a party. The party started out as a picnic lunch in Fairview park but it rained and the women got soaked. They changed clothes, then met at Mr. & Mrs. Wherely's home to have an elegant supper where Linn et al provided the music.

Entertainment: Played music in honor of wedding couple, 13 Jul 1895, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 200 Miss Fannie Braden and Frank Ross were quietly married with only a handful of relatives on hand. Afterwards there was a reception of friends at the bride's house. At 10 p.m. someone else provided music, and then at 11:00 p.m. the "Freeman orchestra" performed accompanied by Linn.

Travel: to Mechanicsburg, 20 Jul 1895, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 200 "Linn Radcliff will spend Sunday in Mechanicsburg and will go down on his wheel. He will leave the city at 4 o'clock and will eat breakfast with his uncle in Mechanicsburg. He will return in the evening."

Travel: to Missouri to hunt, 17 Oct 1895, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 201 Went with a party of friends to spend several weeks hunting in the mountains.

Entertainment: Mandolin Orchestra player, 30 Dec 1895, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 202 He and three other gents made up a mandolin orchestra and performed at an elaborate euchre party given by Miss Nita Bullard at her home at 252 W. William St., Decatur. His sister Fallis was there as a guest. Over 50 people were in attendance.

Entertainment: Played mandolin for wedding, 9 Apr 1896, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172 He, Charles Freeman, Will McBride, and Ben Freeman made up the "Mandolin Orchestra" that played the wedding march for Blanche Alsop and Orian T. Eddy's wedding. There were 25 people at the wedding.

Entertainment: Class Reception, 21 May 1896, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 "Approaching Marriage Furnishes Occasion for an Enjoyable Affair"
"Miss Hattie A. Goodman gave a reception to her Sunday School class of the First M.E. Church yesterday afternoon in honor of Miss Fallis Radcliffe who is to be married to Ernest Miller in about two weeks. It was to have been a picnic at Fairview, but the weather was not favorable so the young ladies spread the cloth on the parlor floor at the Goodman residence and sat down to the class banquet, which consisted of ice cream, cake, and fruits. Miss Goodman acted as toast mistress and Miss Estella Cowgill proposed the first toast, "Our Sunday School class -- May it Live Long and Never Die." She was followe by Miss Fallis Radcliff on "Our brothersinlaw (sic) Past, Present, and Future". ... Miss Hattie A. Goodman gave a history of the class. She has been its teacher for the past 10 years. There have been 77 members in the class, 14 have been married and three are about to be married, two of which are Miss Radcliff and Miss Miller of Bloomington. Miss Radcliff is the only original member who still attends the class. During the afternoon Charles Freeman and Linn Radcliff favored the laides with several enjoyable selections on the mandolin and guitar. ..."

Entertainment: Asked to form Glee Club for Republicans, 26 Jun 1896, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 For McKinley Republican Club

Entertainment: Party, 5 Sep 1896, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 203 "Gave a Hay Party"
"Chester Haines gave a hay ride to a party of friends last night. The crowd drove out to his father's farm north of the city and spent the evening in dancing. Music was furnished by ... Linn Radcliff ..."

Entertainment: Charades, 10 Aug 1887, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 172 "Good Bye Reception and Party"
"Miss Bertha Roach entertained a large number of friends last night at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Roach, number 137 W. Wood street, in honor of her guest, Miss. Florence Howes, of Chicago, who left for her home today. Various parlor games engaged attention. One diverstion was the "Marplot Charade" in character which occasioned much amusement. The characters were taken by Miss Bertha and Florence Howes, Fallis Radcliffe Lynn Radcliffe, and Mr. Frank Roach. At 10 o'clock, refreshments were served. The invited guests were... (lists 51 people.)"

Entertainment: Singing performance, 18 Mar 1899. 172 He sang "Golden Max?ms" at the Opera House 3-31-1899.

Occupation: Jury member in death case, 22 Apr 1899, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 He served on the inquest jury for a man who died of natural causes, they decided.

Entertainment: Dance Reception Committee, 16 Jun 1899, "Fairlawn" park, Decatur, Macon, IL. 172 He was an organizer of a dance for over 1,000 young people at the pavilion.

Residence: rental, 11 Jun 1900, 242 N. Main, Decatur, Macon, IL. 34

Occupation: Assistant undertaker, 11 Jun 1900, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 34

Occupation: Takes position in Louisville, 19 Jul 1900, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 Linn Radcliffe has resigned his position with J.B. Bullard's undertaking establishment and will leave in about one week for Louisville, Ky where he will assume a situation with a large undertaking firm of that city.
Mr. Radcliffe is making the change because of having received a flattering offer. He has been connected with the Bullard establishment for the past 12 years and his long experience has made him an expert in his line of business. Mr. Radcliff has many friends in the city who will regret that he is to leave Decatur.

Property: "Linn Radcliff Robbed," 8 Aug 1902, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 189 "Thief Paid Visit While He was at a Funeral"
"While Linn Radcliff was attending a funeral in the country Tuesday afternoon someone broke into the closet in his room over Bullard's undertaking establishment and stole every article of clothing it contained besides a considerable amount of money.
Mr. Radcliff returned at night and went to bed without discovering his loss but Wednesday morning when he went to get something from the closet he found that the door had been forced and all his clothes taken.
A man who had been working about the place is suspected and his description and that of the clothes has been given the police and they hope to locate them."

Entertainment: Mandolin club played for party, 28 Dec 1902, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 189 Linn, Ned Freeman, and Loren Burleigh played several selections at a company party given by Mueller Manufacturing Company at Greider's Cafe.

Entertainment: Friend's wedding, 28 Oct 1903, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 204 Attended the wedding of Grace Bullard, along with about 399 others including other Radcliffs, Starrs, and other Bullards.

Entertainment: Led Mandolin Orchestra, 13 Dec 1903, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 205 Led the College Hill Mandolin Orchestra for the Eagle's social session.

Entertainment: Minstrel Show actor, 15 Dec 1903, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 206 He played the part of a "bum actor."

Entertainment: Sang in an amateur show, 29 Dec 1903, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 207 Also did dialog. "Elks Give the Best Amateur Show on Record" "Had Packed House"

Occupation: Undertaker. 16

Entertainment: Vocal Solo for Elks Stag Social, 16 Feb 1904, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 189

Travel: Trip to Springfield, 2 Jun 1904, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 "Three Went to Root for Hamlin"
"Allerton and 'Chick' Freeman and Linn Radcliff"
"In response to telegrams and written requests, Allerton Freeman and his brother 'Chick' went to Springfield Thursday morning to 'root' for Hamlin. To keep them company and to help in the rooting and singing, Linn Radcliff went along. He had also gone to Springfield to make things lively.
With the two Freemans and Radcliff another quartet can be freed up to stir up the town. The Decatur men attracted a great deal of attention while in Springfield and the Chicago papers gave them a good deal of space. "

Entertainment: Attended St. Louis World's Fair, 4 Sep 1904, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173

Entertainment: Member of Skating Club, 15 Oct 1904, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 Each member brought a lady to the club's opening night. There were no injuries aside from some bruises.

Entertainment: Elks club performance, 31 Jan 1905, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 Performed "A Little Boy Called Taps"

Travel: to Decatur from Princeton, IN, 9 Aug 1912, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 208 "Linn Radcliff, formerly of Decatur but now in the undertaking business in Princeton, Ind., is in town shaking hands with old friends. Mr. Radcliff was born and reared here and was with J.B. Bullard in the undertaking business for years. Naturally he knows about everybody in town. Mr. Radcliff is making good in Princeton... Mrs. Radcliff is now in Denver on a visit.

Travel: "Linn Radcliff Back in Decatur," 9 Jul 1916, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 "Came from Princeton, Ind. to Have Teeth Extracted"
"Linn Radcliff, who a dozen years ago was one of the best known young men in Decatur, was here yesterday from Princeton, Ind., where he is now in business. He came Friday and left for Princeton yesterday afternoon. The chief object of his visit was to have a half dozen teeth extracted which he said was a real pleasure. They have dentists in Princeton but extractor of the class to be found in Decatur."

Travel: "Lynn Radcliff Drives to Decatur," 16 May 1917, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 "210 mile trip from Princeton, Ind. made in day"
"Lynn Radcliffe with his aunt, Mrs. McCoy, yesterday drove from Princeton, Ind. to Decatur, a distance of 210 miles. They left Princeton at 7:10 yesterday morning and arrived in Decatur at 5:20 in the evening. From Princeton they drove north through Indiana picking up the Ocean-to-Ocean highway at Dana, Ind.
From Dana they had rock or gravel roads to well this side of Chrisman. The rest of the way they had earth roads except for short stretches in Douglas county. The earth roads were fine. Mr. Radcliff goes back by train leaving at noon today."

Residence, 1924, 411 S. Main St., Princeton, Gibson, IN. 177

Obituary, 15 Oct 1925, Decatur, Macon , IL, USA. 173 Linn Radcliffe formerly of Decatur died Wednesday afternoon at his home in Princeton, Ind. according to word received by Decatur relatives. He was fifty-four years old last March. He had been in failing health for a long time.
Mr. Radcliff was born in Decatur March 2, (sic) 1871, and was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Radcliff. All his life was spent in Decatur until 18 years ago when he moved to Princeton, Ind. to engage in the undertaking business on his own account. He had been associated with his uncle, J.B. Bullard in the undertaking business in Decatur for many years. He was popular with everybody in Decatur. He had an excellent voice and took part in many of the home talent entertainments that were given here. He and Miss Ruth Pfohl of Princeton, Ind., were married about 18 years ago and that city has been their home practically ever since.
Mr. Radcliff leaves his wife and one daughter, Fallis Jane Radcliff. He also leaves his mother, Mrs. Edna B. Radcliff, his sister, Mrs. Ernest A. Miller, and a nephew Marlyn R. Starr all of Decatur
It is expected that burial will be in Princeton.

Burial, 1925, Princeton, Gibson, IN. 19


Aubra married Ruth Anderson Pfohl, daughter of John A. Pfohl and Living, on 7 Jul 1905. (Ruth Anderson Pfohl was born on 24 Apr 1883.)

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